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Young Innovation Leader Award 2015

Are you the Young Innovation Leader of the year?

We have now entered the third industrial revolution!

This does not only put increasing requirements on companies around the world but also calls for unique Individuals we call “Innovations Leaders”.

With the “Young Innovation Leader Award” we want to recognize individuals who show potential to become a leader in Technology and Innovation Management. An Innovation Leader is an individual who has the ability to link technology innovation with business innovation to commercialize new products and services.

The Young Innovation Leader Award 2015 will be announced December 7 at the annual Award Ceremony. Applications are open for BSc, MSc and PhD students. See "How to apply"

As the winner of the award you will get:

  • The honor and publicity of receiving a one of a kind award
  • The privilege to choose between a full-time internship and a mentorship program with a senior consultant at Arthur D. Little