Joining Arthur D. Little - step by step

As an applicant you will go through a fair and transparent application process

Arthur D. Little puts great emphasis on a fair and transparent application process. We put great effort into checking your abilities and career ambitions.

Application process for graduates and young professionals

You can submit your application online or by email. We will take the time to carefully check whether your qualifications match our needs. After a maximum of 14 days, you will know whether you will be invited to our "Super Friday" application day, which takes place twice a month.

The selection process on this day includes one-on-one interviews, working on case studies and a presentation before a decision-making committee. It is our goal to find out more about your personality and your way of structuring topics and finding innovative solutions. In turn, you have the opportunity to meet your potential future co-workers and learn more about Arthur D. Little. 

The entire selection process is completed in one day. Together with other candidates, you will be invited to attend this event as a result of your application. At the end of the day, you will receive individual feedback and, if applicable, we will discuss concrete options for the start of your career at Arthur D. Little.

Application process for applicants with more than five years of experience

The application process is shortened for applicants with five or more years of professional experience. Once we have reviewed your application, you will be invited to several one-on-one interviews.

What does "Super Friday" entail?

Two private interviews with different interviewers. In these interviews, we will discuss case studies with you as that will allow us to get to know your problem-solving approach. You will then take a written analytical test.
After the interviews and tests, you will receive your individual feedback and find out whether you have qualified for the next round of interviews in the afternoon.

Two more interviews with Arthur D. Little partners and the presentation of a case study before the decision-making committee.

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