What your application should contain

A complete application guarantees rapid processing

Please read the following hints so that your application is complete and we can process it in due time.

Advice about your application

Your application should include the following:

  • Cover letter: The cover letter is the most important part of your application. In this letter, you tell us that you are applying for a certain position or for work with the company in general. You should take this opportunity to convince us of your motivation as well as your professional ambitions and goals. Emphasize your personal and professional strengths and point out relevant past experiences. This allows us to get a first impression of who you are as a person.
  • Resume: Your resume should give us an overview of your personal and professional development without any gaps. We prefer a maximum of two pages.
  • Appendix: Your application should include copies of your certificates and diplomas (high school diploma, Bachelor's / Master's degree, intermediate examinations, state examinations, Ph.D., overview of grades, internships, references, etc.).

Please send us your application via email, preferably as a PDF file.

Advice for Super Friday

  • You have to be happy here. So take the chance to look behind the scenes. When doing so, ask yourself:
    • Do I really want to become a consultant?
    • What does Arthur D. Little have to offer?
    • Are we a match?
  • For the analytical test, you should:
    • Read the questions and possible answers very carefully.
    • Do not spend excessive amounts of time on individual questions.
    • Do not stress! This test is only one of many criteria we examine.
  • For the case studies, it is particularly important that you:
    • Think first, then act.
    • Ask someone if you get stuck.
    • Take notes and listen carefully.
  • Do not try to fake who you are. It is obvious. Just be yourself!

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