CO2 and sustainability

Development of a CO2 strategy for worldwide leading automotive OEM


The significant changes in customer behaviour and legal requirements have made the topic of CO2 a major factor for the product strategy of our client. The existing dominant technology focus needed to be complemented by a stronger market orientation. To achieve sustainable results, we undertook an interdisciplinary approach which integrated sales and marketing with research and development.


Our initial approach analysed the trends and drivers of our client's major markets. This encompassed legislation, customer behaviour, competition and total cost of ownership. Different scenarios were designed and the potential market development and sales volume of our client derived. We then identified different strategic options to secure sales and revenues and ranked them according to their relevance.

To implement the comprehensive CO2 strategy, roles and responsibilities within the new processes were described using an operating model.


During the project, a clear understanding of the market requirements and the global CO2 trends was gained, building a sustainable basis for future product strategy decisions. By appointing a CO2 steering committee as the decision board, the complexity of the CO2 challenge is now incorporated into the product strategy decision process. 

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