Business model innovation for realignment of automotive industry

Development of an innovative solution for urban mobility


Our client, a leading automotive OEM, realised that changing customer requirements and significantly increasing costs evoked by alternative power trains are pressurizing traditional business models of an OEM. The client established an organisational business unit to challenge, using an innovative mobility solution, all steps within the value chain and to develop an innovative concept, of which one basic element was a new sales and service model.

A major objective was to unlock new target groups and to realise additional sales potential with an optimal customer approach along the product life cycle. Furthermore the sales and service costs needed to be reduced far beyond the actual level.

A major requirement to achieve sustainable project results was to have a clear picture of the future customer demands, to ensure consistent sales and service processes, and to provide transparency within the sales and service costs of the current processes.


We analysed the existing, sometimes weak, developed social trends to understand future customer demands and identified best practices within and beyond the industry to develop alternative concepts for the new sales and service model. Within the models, we presented a detailed description of the customer benefit, the required processes and resources. The target concept was ultimately selected from a business case including the sales, cost and profit levers.


Our client gained transparency with regard to future customer demands and learned how to fulfil their mobility needs with an innovative product and service offering. We also developed a sales and service model to address and place the new portfolio.

By using new sales channels and a tailor-made showroom concept, combined with process innovation, we succeeded in significantly reducing the sales and service costs for our customer. Customer interaction can be intensified along the whole product life cycle and can form a strong basis for additional business.

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