Automotive UK, London - 29 March 2017

Arthur D. Little predicts how future mobility solutions will affect automotive OEMs

Arthur D. Little (ADL) today released a new study, “The Future of Automotive Mobility.” Based on a global survey of 6,500 participants, including customers, industry players and regulators, the report examines how the megatrends of electric mobility, car sharing and autonomous driving are likely to impact on the global automotive ecosystem and future OEM sales.  [...]

Automotive USA, Boston - 29 November 2016

Arthur D. Little: “The True Economic and Environmental Costs of Battery Electric Vehicles in the United States – a 2015 Review and 2025 Forecast”

A new study of the real impact of battery electric vehicles (BEVs) compared to internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs), in terms of both total cost of ownership (net of public subsidies) and environmental impact, reveals no easy choice for eco-minded consumers. Do BEVs truly offer an environmental advantage – and if so, at what cost?  [...]

Automotive, GCAS UK, London - 31 July 2014

Arthur D. Little predicts future developments of automotive CO2

Despite the growing importance of automotive CO2 regulations, a uniform global approach to tackle the issue has not yet been developed. Countries have adopted different regulatory policies and implementation procedures, resulting in a high degree of complexity in the global landscape. In its new report, “The Automotive CO2 Emissions Challenge,” global management consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) predicts the future development of automotive CO2 up to 2020, and explains what steps OEMs should take to overcome future challenges. [...]

Automotive UK, London - 06 August 2013

Arthur D. Little identifies strategies for excellence in the Premium Automotive Segment

Six Key Levers to eliminate weak spots and achieve excellence

Competition between premium OEM’s will become fierce and put market shares at risk in the run up to 2020, according to management consultancy Arthur D. Little’s new viewpoint, Battle for Sales in the Premium segment. With all three German vehicle manufacturers aiming to become the market leader, it identifies six main levers of strategic and operational excellence to help premium brand OEMs adjust their marketing and sales models to meet tomorrow’s customer requirements. [...]

Automotive UK, London - 22 November 2012

Arthur D. Little develops solutions for online sales in the car industry

The role of online channels within the automotive sales industry is currently limited to information gathering with few links to sales. The OEMs need to integrate this channel in their sales concepts as a fully-fledged option as overcoming this challenge has the potential to vastly improve sales performance in some customer segments. Arthur D. Little’s (ADL) viewpoint “Online Sales in the Automotive Industry” highlights the opportunity for online car sales by evaluating barriers and identifying solutions. [...]

Automotive, TIME UK, London - 07 March 2012

Arthur D. Little develops solutions for sustainable success of the connected car

OEMs must act now to ensure a long-term competitive advantage

Mobile technologies are making major inroads into the automotive industry. e-Mobility and efficient use of natural resources are becoming ever more important in defining the image of OEMs. With improved mobile connectivity and telematics putting the concept back on the agenda, Arthur D. Little’s (ADL) latest viewpoint “The Connected Car – Finally coming true?” outlines how OEMs must create the framework today to overcome start-up hurdles and achieve competitive advantage in a saturated market. [...]

Automotive, Strategy & Organization UK, London - 31 October 2011

Arthur D. Little identifies solutions for the future of urban mobility

Hong Kong outperforms with networked, multimodal systems

With existing systems close to breakdown urban mobility is one of the toughest challenges that cities face. In its new study The Future of Urban Mobility: Towards networked, multimodal cities of 2050, innovation consultancy Arthur D. Little (ADL) showcases best practice from around the world, identifying strategic imperatives for meeting this challenge. [...]

Automotive UK, London - 04 November 2010

Arthur D. Little – Car manufacturers losing millions of Euros year on year to independent repair networks

Study urges OEMs to take a more aggressive approach to insurance to protect profit margins

One of the largest profit generators for car manufacturers remains parts and service. However, low-cost repair shop networks have increasingly become preferred suppliers to car insurers looking to keep costs down. Despite an increased push by automotive OEMs to bring their own label insurance products to market, the results so far have been disappointing. [...]

Automotive UK, London - 04 May 2010

Arthur D. Little: Electro-mobility players must do more to develop business models

Green market challenge goes beyond developing new technology

In the current automotive crisis, everyone is plugging into electro-mobility. However, little focus is placed upon developing adequate business models. According to “Winning on the E-mobility Playing Field”, the latest automotive Viewpoint from global management consultancy Arthur D. Little, OEMs, utilities, infrastructure, leasing companies and service providers will all be competing for consumers’ mobility budgets and must identify the right business model to fully capitalise on the green market. [...]

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