Historic challenges for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is going through a series of step changes. The rapid growth of megacities, the greying of Western societies and new technological developments are presenting OEMs around the globe with a whole new set of challenges.

Business model innovation for realignment of automotive industry

The automotive industry is facing historical challenges. The changing customer requirements in the triad markets and even in the emerging markets, leaps in technologies, especially in the area of new drivetrain concepts, entrance of new competitors from the emerging markets and from outside of the automotive indu [...]

Development of a CO2 strategy for worldwide leading automotive OEM

Challenge: The significant changes in customer behavior and legal requirements have made the topic of CO2 a major factor for the product strategy of our client. The existing dominant technology focus needed to be complemented by a stronger market [...]

The Future of Urban Mobility

Towards networked, multimodal cities of 2050

Management consultancy Arthur D. Little’s new global study of urban mobility assesses the mobility maturity and performance of 66 cities worldwide and finds most not just falling well short of best practice but in a state of crisis. Indeed it is not putting it too strongly to say that many cities’ mobility systems are standing [...]

Online Sales in the Automotive Industry

How can the internet become a successful sales channel for the automotive industry?

The role of online sales channels is gaining increasing importance for the automotive industry. The OEMs need to integrate this channel in their sales concepts as a full-fledged option – meaning that the [...]

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Viewpoints20 September 2016

The Truck Industry in the Middle East

Strategic growth opportunities in an underestimated region

Conventional wisdom in the truck industry is that the Middle East is mostly a budget-truck market, with a strong presence of Chinese manufacturers - but the reality is different. [...]

Viewpoints15 July 2016

The future of diesel engines

Diesel market share will stay above 50% in medium-upper car segments

Limits on emissions in the automotive sector are expected to become even more stringent in the future, with the US and EU leading the regulation pattern. [...]

Viewpoints08 July 2016

How to unlock the hidden value of the customer?

Capturing maximum customer spending through dynamic pricing and bundling

In the last two decades all OEMs have found new space for growth by leveraging additional revenue streams thataddressed downstream business and ancillary products and services. They realized that even though they were massivelyinvesting in [...]

Viewpoints26 March 2015

The China light van segment

A dynamic market with increasing volume and shifting needs

The light van market in China seems to be a long-forgotten segment for foreign OEMs. The market is mostly in low-tier cities and rural areas where customers have limited budgets. As a result, most foreign OEMs have not paid too much [...]

Press Releases31 July 2014

Arthur D. Little predicts future developments of automotive CO2

Despite the growing importance of automotive CO2 regulations, a uniform global approach to tackle the issue has not yet been developed. Countries have adopted different regulatory policies and implementation procedures, resulting in a high [...]

Press Releases06 August 2013

Arthur D. Little identifies strategies for excellence in the Premium Automotive Segment

Competition between premium OEM’s will become fierce and put market shares at risk in the run up to 2020, according to management consultancy Arthur D. Little’s new viewpoint, Battle for Sales in the Premium segment. With all three [...]

Press Releases22 November 2012

Arthur D. Little develops solutions for online sales in the car industry

The role of online channels within the automotive sales industry is currently limited to information gathering with few links to sales. The OEMs need to integrate this channel in their sales concepts as a fully-fledged option as overcoming [...]

Press Releases07 March 2012

Arthur D. Little develops solutions for sustainable success of the connected car

Mobile technologies are making major inroads into the automotive industry. e-Mobility and efficient use of natural resources are becoming ever more important in defining the image of OEMs. With improved mobile connectivity and telematics [...]