Consumer Goods

Private label producer and major European retail chain

A major European retailer and producer of several food and non-food categories developed a new premium mineral water brand. The question then was how to identify attractive markets for an internationalization strategy of this premium mineral water. Arthur D. Little, besides identifying target markets also developed a detailed market entry strategy. [...]

Consumer Goods

Belgian federation of retail

The Belgian federation of commerce and services asked Arthur D. Little to perform a cross-national study on the competitiveness of Belgian retailers in comparison with neighboring countries (France, Germany, The Netherlands) and to identify the most critical areas of improvements. [...]

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods - tissue manufacturer

Our client wanted to become the category leader in Europe. For this, the company had already performed a set of programs to increase profitability (lift-, shift- program) including all low hanging fruits. Now the client was looking for further ideas regarding innovative business solutions and further optimizations of the supply chain. [...]

Consumer Goods

International retail chain of baby and children fashion and accessories

An international retailer of baby and children fashion and accessories had been experiencing declining revenues and profitability. Arthur D. Little was asked to conduct a diagnosis of the current situation and develop a short-term improvement plan allowing to get back to profitability. [...]

Consumer Goods

Fast Moving Consumer Goods Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

A fast moving consumer goods company faced an increased threat of multi-national companies entering its home market. At the same time the continuous growth required a change from a family-run, mid-sized company into an international player in the Middle-East. Arthur D. Little was asked to develop individual SBU strategies, cross-SBU processes, organizational set-up, and a new corporate governance model. [...]

Consumer Goods

Redefinition of a global FMCG company’s food divisions’ key processes and development of its organization

Our client was aware that it faced two main challenges: becoming more efficient in its internal processes especially in handling requests for proposals and expanding its catering services into new segments while keeping its clientele in the classical business canteen. Arthur D. Little was asked for an improvement of internal processes, a realignment of the organization and an evaluation of expansion opportunities. [...]

Consumer Goods

Operations improvement based on requirements of future business for a leading caterer in the service industry

Increasing regional and national competition forced our client to improve its IT to retain the high quality of services. Arthur D. Little’s assignment was the optimization of the IT to meet the client’s objectives for service quality and competitiveness. [...]

Consumer Goods

Devolvement of a franchisee agreement for a Quick Service Restaurant

Our client was looking to better standardize their Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) and subsequently standardize their franchise agreements. The challenge for Arthur D. Little was to support this effort to better align the multiple restaurant organizations. [...]

Consumer Goods

Development of a supply chain assessment for a hair care franchise operator

Our client operated more than 1,000 outlets in the United States and faced reduced corporate control over the supply chain. Arthur D. Little was engaged to develop a detailed recommendation to increase corporate control over the supply chain for distribution of private label and national brand products. [...]

Consumer Goods

Implemented Project Management in e-commerce for consumer goods companies

The challenge was to create a central system and organization to standardize and facilitate product information sharing and master data alignment among manufacturers and retailers of various industries (starting with Consumer Goods). The system would have to be open to all players active in the Belgian industries and based on EDI and Web technologies. [...]

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