Consumer Goods and Retail

The consumer goods and retail industry is breaking into a new era: Virtual shopping. Ecommerce has just been established, yet more innovative ways are already in place to flood the market providing completely different customer experiences. Game-changing smartphone applications in the Consumer Goods and Retail industry are truly impacting the way consumers shop and consume, communicate and become informed, as well as plan their time. For retailers, at the end of the day, it’s about how and where the consumer decides to spend his money. Smartphones will become the most important digital device for the shopper in the Consumer Goods/Retail transaction process.

Virtual shopping offers tremendous potential for different industries – but industry players have to get it right. But how can they integrate the new channel in their customer experience? How can they create a profitable business model? And when is the right moment to join and with whom?

Values ahead: Linking strategy, technology and innovation in the convergence of industries

Arthur D. Little’s Consumer Goods & Retail practice (CGR) has worked in the consumer goods and retail market globally for decades and consulted many key players in various assignments during that time. [...]

A major European retailer and producer of several food and non-food categories developed a new premium mineral water brand. The question then was how to identify attractive markets for an internationalization strategy of this premium mineral water. Arthur D. Little, besides identifying target markets also developed a detailed market entry strategy. [...]

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