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Develop your career and your skills with Arthur D. Little

Arthur D. Little offers great potential for your development through mentoring and feedback

Mentoring - Each employee at Arthur D. Little has a mentor who is ready to assist with problems and questions

A mentor is assigned to each new employee on arrival at Arthur D. Little. Mentors are usually experienced consultants, often principals or directors, who provide initial support with integration and finding your way in the Arthur D. Little family. Once you have come to know your co-workers through project work, training and events, you can also choose your own mentor. Throughout your time with Arthur D. Little, the mentor acts as a coach and contact person for questions and problems, whether they are relevant to the project work or not. The mentor also regularly discusses your personal development and further career goals.

Feedback - an open, constructive process that validates your work and makes you aware of additional potential

Your project managers and co-workers routinely support you by means of regular feedback. This ensures that you always know how you are progressing and how you can efficiently work on yourself in order to improve further. At the end of a project, your project manager provides you with an official written assessment that is discussed with you in an open, constructive talk. This is yet another way to make you aware of your strengths and your potential for improvement. You can also expect feedback about your participation outside of the project work, for example in business development.

All feedback is consolidated in an end-of-year review. This overall feedback not only indicates which training sessions might be useful for you, but also suggests when the right time for a promotion might be.

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