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Digital Ecosystems & Processes

Today‘s and tomorrow‘s business success builds on smart digitalization – digital processes embedded in functioning ecosystems

Digital Ecosystems & Processes

Today’s and tomorrow’s business success builds on smart digitalization – digital processes embedded in functioning ecosystems.

The first industry revolution at around 1900 was characterized by loosely connected processes and ecosystems. Input material was delivered to factories irregularly, processes were controlled by verbal communication. The second and third industry revolution managed to generate an continuous flow of input material and incorporated data exchange in ecosystems. Processes and ecosystems became increasingly interwined. Nowadays, the fourth industry revolution is based on smart business networks with real-time delivery of material and data. We reached the symbiosis of processes and ecosystems.

From: Ecosystem and process interwined

To: Process and ecosystem symbiosis

Just in sequence material flow

Real-time data exchange/analysis

Main benefit

  • “Flywheel”-driven
  • Digital driven cost reduction
  • Radical efficiency improvement

Main Characteristic

  • Physical world digitalization
  • Ecosystem integration
  • Horizontal, vertical integration


  • Where to focus?
  • How to finance?
  • How to generate value?

Define your sweet spot in the digital ecosystem cube

The Digital Ecosystem is defined by three dimensions:

  1. Why: Digital process perspective: Benchmark the process performance against competitors
  2. What: Digital ecosystem perspective: Analysis horizon from locally capsuled processes or a holistic end-to-end process
  3. How: Digital technology perspective: Measures the degree of process digitalization from fully manual to fully digital


Digital process perspective

Digital heatmap assessment


Digital ecosystem perspective

Transformation scope (E2E1 vs capsuled)


Digital technology perspective

Target picture of digitalization degree

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