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Digital Flywheel & Ubiquity

At the very beginning it is all about asking the right questions and depicting clear answers within an ever changing complex environment

Digital Flywheel & Ubiquity

Today’s corporate world requires companies to look for a clear purpose for their business. This purpose, or in other words, the “why”, is essential for future success in an ever-changing and digitally ubiquitous business environment – to convince not only customers of the company’s offerings, but also investors of opportunities and employees of the company’s strategy. A solid digital strategy – the foundation for a successful digital shift – depends on a clear purpose and a way to spread it easily and effectively, inside and outside the company.

The digital flywheel is the bridge between the purpose of a business, the most important levers to achieve this purpose and the interdependencies. The right levers and interdependencies ensure that the momentum of the flywheel builds and builds – towards an ubiquitous digital business.

Flywheel: maximizing impact of digital through clear focus

The ADL flywheel approach helps to identify your core business drivers to establish a solid foundation for all transformation efforts

  1. What drives our business? Focus and simplify in a ubiquitous digital world
  2. What are our keys for transformation? Derive transformation measures to accelerate growth
  3. How can we maximize customer value? Align business activities with customer needs

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