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To shape the digital company culture holistically, we recommend to take action in 6 dimensions

Digital People & Culture

New digital technologies & market requirements massively impact employees and company culture. 90% of unsuccessful digital transformations have failed due to lack of cultural change. Organizations focusing on cultural transformation and developing new sets of skills are more likely to succeed in digital shift. Employee development and empowerment accelerate motivation and performance.

Organizations need to react accordingly and address what lies underneath the surface!


Everyone embraces innovation and the organization improves itself continuously

Introducing an innovation challenge or an open Friday where everyone is allowed to work on whatever they like


Change is welcomed and the challenge of adopting to new conditions is perceived positively

Regularly introduce (beneficial) change, refine processes, upgrade the office space, introduce new tools


The customer is placed in the center of every thought

Use tools like customer journeys and design thinking to approach challenge from the customer’s perspective


People think and decide themselves, there are guidelines, no boundaries

Actively reduce management interference, enable and empower operative teams to take decisions


It feels more natural to work and share with others than working alone

Create open spaces and cozy environments to work together and introduce tools like daily stand up meetings


It is accepted to just do things and fail fast rather than overthink and overplan

Implement the Three-Pirate-Rule, if there are three people enthusiastic to do something (whatever it is), let them do

Changing a companies DNA requires a comprehensive approach

Transforming the mindset of all human beings working together in large cooperation requires to look at both people and culture comprehensively:

  1. People: Developing new skill sets among employees to master technological and processual challenges
  2. Culture: A new kind of empowerment and self-reliance has to be embedded in the company culture to increase speed and flexibility

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