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The intelligent pharmaceutical supply chain

Enable a superior patient-and-caregiver experience with a leading-edge digital supply chain

Healthcare & life sciences

Back to Oil!

NOCs & the Indies’ agrarian art of production

Oil & gas

E&P cost reduction through technology assessment

A case study in subsea technology identification

Oil & gas

The BIG patent expiry question: Why sink when you can sail?

Riding the wave of medicine loss-of-exclusivity to gain improved returns

Healthcare & life sciences

Contract and partnership management at NOCs

Adopting new types of contracts and partnership models sets fresh challenges for national oil companies

Oil & gas

When should national oil companies have subsidiaries?

Rationales for establishing subsidiaries in national oil companies and how these NOCs can manage their existing subsidiaries more effectively – should they merge subsidiaries into business units or privatize them?

Oil & gas

Nuclear failures

Risks, uncertainties and future potential

Utilities & alternative energy

The oil company of the future

What does the future eco-system look like, and what are the potential business models to succeed?

Oil & gas

Digitalization trends in the health care industry

ConhIT report: Health care shows great promise for digitalization initiatives

Healthcare & life sciences

Monetizing investments in telecom network infrastructure

We discuss how to optimize telecoms network infrastructure investments by adopting amulti-criteria evaluation approach based on business, technical and CEX KPIs.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)