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The NOC Technology & Innovation Management Challenge

Improving performance in technology management

Oil & gas Technology & innovation management

Confronting Core Market Decline

Portfolio diversification in the industrial services sector

Industrial goods & services, Oil & gas

Alternative paths for large IOCs

Low oil prices may drive pervasive structural changes in upstream oil and gas

Oil & gas

Unlocking global LNG market value

Market changes require portfolio transformation

Oil & gas

Can Group 1 base oil come back?

The impact of the lower crude prices on the global base oil markets

Oil & gas

Where now for oil?

Recent market turmoil is not likely to last - a new normal is in the making for oil and gas prices

Oil & gas

Delivering the promise, with lower oil prices

Building in higher efficiency

Oil & gas

The future of lignite power

A viewpoint on the “Energiewende” and its impact on lignite power

Oil & gas

Reforming the energy subsidy systems in the Middle East

Who could lead the region?

Oil & gas

Industrial Park Governance

The Vital Cog for Success

Oil & gas