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Electric vehicles and electric utilities

A clear opportunity with many shapes

Automotive, Utilities & alternative energy

Retail network – Radical changes ahead

Dealers’ future business models need to evolve towards a mobility-solutions hub


Car sharing in China: another storm in city mobility

The booming car-sharing business in China, its challenges and key success factors


Identifying new growth frontiers in Indian passenger vehicle market through digitization

Building a case to develop an online platform leveraging used-car sales data to penetrate tier-three cities in India


The rapid growth of bike sharing in China

The explosive growth of the bike sharing business in China, and the implications for new mobility


The future of automotive mobility

Winning the power play in tomorrow’s radically changed automotive ecosystem


What’s in the future for fuel cell vehicles?

Will hydrogen fuel cell vehicles fully demonstrate their benefits with the uptake scenario still uncertain and OEMs already investing?


The Truck Industry in the Middle East

Strategic growth opportunities in an underestimated region


The future of diesel engines

Diesel market share will stay above 50% in medium-upper car segments


How to unlock the hidden value of the customer?

Capturing maximum customer spending through dynamic pricing and bundling

Automotive Marketing & sales