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Emerging technologies in Solar

Traversing the PV lab-to-fab “valleys of death”

These technologies have been used to record cell efficiencies more than three times that of typical commercial c-Si PV, and have growing academic and financial sponsorship and the prospect of value-creating cross-applicability and complementarity between materials and technology. The question now...
Utilities & alternative energy

Second Grid Executive & Expert Roundtable

Today’s questions and challenges on the road ahead of European grid companies

Power grids have become a dynamic part of the utility industry, as well as an important revenue driver and stable source of income for integrated utilities. Arthur D. Little brings executives and experts of European grid operators together annually to discuss the main challenges power grid...
Utilities & alternative energy

Churn management in utilities

Managing customer churn in power and gas utilities is a top priority in most European markets. Utilities are faced with ever-increasing challenges due to shifting customer preferences, the appearance of new offerings and of new competitors with different business models. The situation calls for a...
Utilities & alternative energy

Energy & Utilities Benchmarking Study

Power & gas retail benchmark conclusions

As power and gas retail markets have been liberalizing in Europe in the past decades, the business of selling energy to retail consumers has been completely transformed. New products and services have been developed in most countries and utilities have launched new channels and ways to interact...
Utilities & alternative energy

GCC Solar Energy: Turning plans into reality

How to renew the lost momentum?

The potential for solar energy in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is indisputable. Underpinned by the acute need to find alternative energy sources to reduce the opportunity cost of burning fossil-fuels, as well as the requirements to drive economic development, employment and technology...
Utilities & alternative energy

Radical Change for European Power Utilities

The extensive disruption caused by the large-scale development of renewable power generation capacity in Europe continues to change the industry. For European power utilities the question is how they can react to these changes. In this piece the authors update a previous Prism article, examining...
Utilities & alternative energy

Rethinking Cost Efficiency

In Power and Gas Retail - A Step Change Requires a Systemic Approach

The increasingly competitive landscape in power and gas retail is driving utilities to improve efficiency through cost reduction. Most companies have implemented traditional cost-cutting programs. Although these are valid in some circumstances, many retailers are finding that results quickly follow...
Utilities & alternative energy

Beating the Unknown

A Simplified Approach for Risk-Based Decision-Making

Drawing from a recent project in the energy & utilities sector, Arthur D. Little presents a pragmatic approach based on the Monte Carlo method, which allows thorough evaluation of the risk in business cases. Using this approach, businesses can reduce their downside potential and maximize the...
Utilities & alternative energy

The Projects, Technology & Procurement Organization

The Emergence of a New Organization Form in E&P

This organizational form has the potential to help the industry deal with some its greatest challenges – this white paper describes the approach and the trends that led to is adoption and extracts some key lessons from two case studies from the lead adopters (Shell and Statoil) of this...
Utilities & alternative energy

Bevor die Lücke zum Problem wird

Die wirtschaftliche Ergebnisperspektive deutscher Energieversorger wird auch nach den geplanten Änderungen bei EEG und anderen Gesetzen düster bleiben. Im Zuge zukünftiger Ergebnissicherung müssen bestehende Strukturen und Abläufe hinterfragt werden, die sich in sich in „guten Zeiten“ etabliert...
Utilities & alternative energy