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Integrierte Logistikdienstleister unter Druck

Travel & transportation

Postal Operators

Reducing Product Portfolio and Rates Complexity

Travel & transportation

Riding the Mobile Ticketing Wave

A Challenge for Transport Operators

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Travel & transportation

Mega-Aviation Cities’ Project

Giant Battles on the Ground… to Win the War in the Skies

Travel & transportation

The Future of Urban Mobility 2.0 – Full study

Imperatives to shape extended mobility ecosystems of tomorrow

Travel & transportation Strategy

Urban Mobility Index – Viewpoint

Summary of the major findings

Travel & transportation

Cutting the Profitability Gordian Knot

Take Quantum Leaps AND Incremental Steps to Survive in the Urban Public Transport Value Chain

Travel & transportation

Value Added Logistics

Innovation in logistics reaps clear benefits

Travel & transportation

Innovating for Increased Public Transport

Why system innovation is needed to double the market share of public transport

Travel & transportation Technology & innovation management

The impact of future travelers' preferences on the tourism industry

Travel & transportation Strategy