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Product Alignment: The Key Driver of Profit and Growth

Why do some companies manage to move into high-end segments while others blunder? And why do some do extremely well at the bottom end of the market? The answer lies in product alignment, the key to keeping in close contact with your markets.
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Innovation at Tetra Pak - Managing the Paradox of

Tetra Pak is famous for its innovative corporate culture. The company has consistently introduced new products and technologies to the world markets. Nick Shreiber, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tetra Pak manages the topic.
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy

The Big Picture: An Overview of Electronic Commerce

The emergence of the Internet has given rise to four major application families: cyber communities, digital households, digital workplaces, and electronic commerce. Of these applications, electronic commerce has grown fastest. It is now poised to have an immediate and transformative impact on how...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy, Technology & innovation management, Information management

How Electronic Commerce Is Transforming Business Processes

It wasn't too long ago that the idea of a company outsourcing its data processing was considered a revolutionary stroke of genius. Outsourcing allowed the company not only to cut costs and prune assets, but to rent time on its own applications. In the world of Internet–based computing, this...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Tracking Electronic Commerce: Signals of Change

While virtually all businesses today seem to have their own Web sites, most businesses have yet to become deeply involved in electronic commerce (EC): 80 percent of EC is conducted by the top 25 suppliers on the Internet. As the CEO of a large publishing house has said, "Once you can tell the...
Consumer goods & retail, Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

How Electronic Commerce Is Reshaping Industry Structures

Across the business landscape, individual companies and whole industries are reeling from the impact of unprecedented change brought about by electronic commerce (EC). Major new competitors have come out of nowhere, fueled by access to seemingly limitless capital. Previously unknown Davids are...
Consumer goods & retail, Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Strategy

Partnering for Effective Product Development: Lessons for

When David slays Goliath in business today, it doesn't necessarily make the headlines. Small manufacturing companies such as Nucor, in steel, or Gateway 2000, in personal computers, now regularly compete and win against the giants. Yet unlike the biblical David, who met his antagonist in single...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy

Creating Customer-Oriented Companies

If you had invested in an index mutual fund pegged to the Standard & Poors 500 at the beginning of 1990, you'd have done very well. But if you had invested in a fund consisting of companies that excel at customer management, your investment would have outperformed the Standard & Poors 500...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy

Technology's Proliferating Role in Creating Customer

One of the toughest challenges companies face is identifying and successfully commercialising valuable new products and services for existing and target customers. Many leading companies are addressing this challenge by deploying technologies across – and beyond – their organisations that allow...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy, Information management

The Art of Conversation: Dialogue Marketing and the

Think of the last time you needed to buy a new car or an expensive major appliance. If you relied on previous experience or suggestions from others, your task was easy. But if you weren't planning the purchase and needed a little convincing, or if you had no idea what you wanted to buy or from whom...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy