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The CTO / R&D Director as an Enabler of Strategic Growth

Investments in technological infrastructure and innovation are still huge. While the definition of the role of the CTO running these systems is not focused, he continues to be a vital element of economic success in terms of innovation management.
Strategy, Information management

The Big Picture: An Overview of Electronic Commerce

The emergence of the Internet has given rise to four major application families: cyber communities, digital households, digital workplaces, and electronic commerce. Of these applications, electronic commerce has grown fastest. It is now poised to have an immediate and transformative impact on how...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy, Technology & innovation management, Information management

Innovation in a Wired World

Signs of an innovation revolution are emerging in leading firms all over the world. Companies such as Boeing and Motorola are applying advances in information technology and communications to "wire" portions of their innovation and product creation processes. Chrysler, Cisco Systems, Dell Computer...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management, Information management

Practical Knowledge Management: A Model That Works

The goal of knowledge management is a practical one: to improve organizational capabilities through better use of the organization's individual and collective knowledge resources. These resources include skills, capabilities, experience, routines, and norms, as well as technologies.
Strategy, Information management

Technology Licensing: A Strategy for Creating Value

Would you like to increase your bottom line – without additional capital or research investment? Would you like to tap into new foreign markets – without investing in property, plants, or equipment? Would you like to develop new technologies – without expanding your existing R&D resources?...
Strategy, Information management

Enterprise Systems: A Report from the Field

A growing number of companies are replacing unique, customized, inflexible, and expensive home–grown information technology systems with more tailorable, integrated, and global enterprise software packages (sometimes known as enterprise resource planning or ERP systems). In some industries, notably...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management, Information management

Strategic Management of Technology: Thirteen Common Pitfalls

In recent years, Arthur D. Little has been applying its Third Generation R&D principles to a wide variety of technology management assignments. Many of our clients are process and/or production companies (e.g., major oil companies, chemical manufacturers, and pulp and paper producers) that...
Strategy, Technology & innovation management, Information management

Technology's Proliferating Role in Creating Customer

One of the toughest challenges companies face is identifying and successfully commercialising valuable new products and services for existing and target customers. Many leading companies are addressing this challenge by deploying technologies across – and beyond – their organisations that allow...
Consumer goods & retail, Strategy, Information management