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How to start off with "Industry 4.0" now!

How can companies manage the complexity of the host of topics around “Industry 4.0”? And how is it possible to gain financially measurable results?

Operations management

Maximize value from quality-testing operations:

Is your lab “market ready”?

Operations management

Managing Global Production Networks

Study Results June 2015

Operations management

Anticipating the Operations of the Future

Operations management

Hitting the Bulls-Eye: Value Sourcing

Transforming Procurement from Old School to New Age

Operations management

Agility for Successful Supply Chains

Transformation to an Agile Production System to Meet the Challenges of Tomorrow

Operations management

Big Data in Procurement

Unlocking Big Value in better sourcing, process efficiency, and agility of procurement

Operations management

Worldclass Purchasing

Central results from the "Purchasing Value Excellence" (PVE) study

Consumer goods & retail Operations management

Procurement Performance Measurement

What CFOs expect from measuring Procurement Success

Consumer goods & retail Operations management

Money's not all banks buy

Strategic Supplier Management for Financial Services Organisations

Financial services Operations management