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Successfully embarking on the Omnichannel journey

Technology & innovation management

CDO versus CIO –a non-zero-sum game

How a fruitful tension can be created from the imminent conflict between CDO and CIO

Technology & innovation management, Information management

Digital transformation in developing countries

Promotion and adoption should be the main actions for companies and government

Public services Technology & innovation management

How to scale your Agile right

Successfully implementing Agile in large corporations

Technology & innovation management, Information management

Dynamic innovation strategy

How to develop a strategy for innovation in the fast- moving digital world

Strategy, Organization & transformation, Technology & innovation management

ICT security in the digital transformation era

Do organizations need digital security strategies?

Technology & innovation management

The digital (r)evolution of data models

From a product-centric data model towards a “connected” and true customer orientation

Technology & innovation management, Digital transformation & analytics

Using agile approaches for breakthrough product innovation

Technology & innovation management

Ecosystem innovation

Technology & innovation management

Digital future of electrical networks

How can electricity utilities tackle the digitalization challenges of their network business?

Utilities & alternative energy Technology & innovation management