Could cloud be the Game Changer in Cybersecruity
Source: Wall Street Journal
From: USA

Since 2013, the data security challenge has become even greater. The number of data attacks has almost doubled, costing many more companies billions of dollars as well as reputation damage and loyalty loss. And they are getting more sophisticated. The move from information systems hosted by organizations on their own premises to the use of cloud based systems is also changing things. In fact, the cloud requires a completely new security paradigm says Salman Ali, Principal at Arthur D. Little. "Security on user premises versus that of systems in the cloud is like comparing physical security in an office block with that of a shopping mall" he explains. "In an office block there's a security man at a desk near the front door, controlling who and what comes into the building. In a shopping mall there's no security at the front door, but lots of vigilant and visible guards observing and intervening when necessary." In this article, Ali argues that information and communications system security is following a similar path.