In The Digital World CEOs Need To Embrace The Opportunities

And Take The Threats More Seriously

Source: Forbes

 This article discusses recent internet security breaches at two UK companies and how no business is safe from cyber-attacks. Arthur D. Little’s recent The 2015 Digital Transformation Study is mentioned as it states that although front-runners have emerged, most companies still take a piecemeal approach to digital transformation. Michael Opitz, initiator of the study is quoted as saying: “As customers across the world embrace the new marketplace of shared ownership, on-demand services, and personalization, no industry is immune to the growing need for digital transformation. We fear that today too few CEOs recognize the urgent need to not just invest in new technology, but fully realign every aspect of their businesses to the new digitally-driven marketplace.” He adds that it is “about cultural change”. Organizations need to move away from traditional approaches to projects that involve long lead times and periods of reflection to adopting more of the “act fast, fail fast” approach associated with start-ups.