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Should Airline Alliances Redefine Their Models

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In this article, Arthur D. Little's new report on Aviation Alliance Strategy is discussed. The report says that the alliance model has perhaps reached its high-water mark, paving the way for the continued emergence of a more multifaceted form of cooperative strategy in the future. Alliances were...

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Travel & transportation

Infrastructure & Third Parties

<p><p style="margin-bottom: 0.28cm; line-height: 107%"><b>Weighing the Risk</b></p></p>

This feature article in Commodities Now warns of the dangers of failing to conduct assessments of third-parties to detect and prevent risk. Companies in infrastructure operation interact with a large number of third parties, including their customers, contractors, suppliers and commercial...

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View Point Aerospace supplier squeeze

<p><p style="margin-bottom: 0.28cm; line-height: 107%"><b>ways out?</b></p></p>

This guest blog post at Aerospace Diary, an online forum for aerospace professionals, is based on Arthur D. Little's Viewpoint that takes the same title. The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry today struggles with a duality: defense-driven segments are taking hits due to significant...

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Consumer health in the future: opportunities in and around...

This article in Digital Health Age explains how the digital revolution is changing the healthcare industry. Patients and consumers are better informed, have wider choice and demand increased personalization. The consumer health space is naturally more oriented towards screening and prevention,...

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Healthcare & life sciences

Arthur D. Little and SAMENA Council Equip Telecom Operators...

<p>A new joint report by Arthur D.


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Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Could cloud be the Game Changer in Cybersecruity

Since 2013, the data security challenge has become even greater. The number of data attacks has almost doubled, costing many more companies billions of dollars as well as reputation damage and loyalty loss. And they are getting more sophisticated. The move from information systems hosted by...

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Technology & innovation management

In The Digital World CEOs Need To Embrace The Opportunities

<p>And Take The Threats More Seriously</p>

 This article discusses recent internet security breaches at two UK companies and how no business is safe from cyber-attacks. Arthur D. Little’s recent The 2015 Digital Transformation Study is mentioned as it states that although front-runners have emerged, most companies still take a piecemeal...

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Technology & innovation management

Transformational Leadership is the Key to Embracing...

From logistics and manufacturing to consumer goods and entertainment, every major industry is grappling to respond to the realities of an on-demand, personalized digital economy. Despite CEOs and strategists working around the clock to realign their business development to embrace digitalization...

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Technology & innovation management

Detection and prevention of risk from third parties

Companies in many sectors – particularly construction, infrastructure operation, energy and telecoms – interact with a large number of third parties, including their customers, partners, suppliers and commercial agents.

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Utilities & alternative energy Risk

Managing and creating value from third

<p>party risk</p>

 With major construction and infrastructure development companies, including those in the renewable energy sector, increasingly expanding their footprints into countries far from their home markets, Stephen Watson and Javier Serra from Arthur D. Little give some essential advice for...

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Utilities & alternative energy