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Arthur D. Little reviews 100 mobility systems worldwide in...

Arthur D. Little today released the third edition of its Future of Mobility study, including an updated version of its Urban Mobility Index, which ranks 100 global cities based on the maturity, innovativeness and performance of their urban mobility systems.

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The Science on Electric Vehicles does not support...

This article is about California’s stated goal to remove all gasoline-powered automobiles from the roads and replace them with electric vehicles. They are currently using the Clean Air Act waiver to achieve this goal. But as attractive as such a policy looks to environmentalists, it has some...

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Arthur D. Little predicts proposed EU Gas Directive...

London, 15 March, 2018 – Arthur D. Little (ADL) today published an analysis of the impact of current EU Commission proposals to extend the regulations of the Third Gas Directive to pipelines from third countries supplying gas to the EU.

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Medical technology and digital: primary levers for change

Established medical technology companies are facing a challenge with the explosion of digital technology and how it has impacted the healthcare industry. New entrants and start-ups easily employ newer, more agile working models that are better aligned with a digital economy.

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Arthur D. Little’s mobility practice appoints Alain Flausch...

Arthur D. Little, the global management consultancy linking strategy, innovation and transformation in technology-intensive industries, today announced the appointment of Alain Flausch as Senior Advisor. The mission for Alain will be to support the growth of Arthur D. Little’s mobility practice...

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Building a transport network from scratch

The Middle East has been late to urbanisation, but that has provided a unique opportunity to shape its urban mobility strategies. Some of its vibrantly growing urban centres are building on best practice from around the world. This experience provides lessons, good and bad, for other cities...

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Arthur D. Little Issues Insights on Genetic Testing’s...

Healthcare ecosystem stands to gain from increasing availability of genetics-based testing

Arthur D. Little, a consultancy known for strategic thinking, innovative insight and expertise in technology-intensive and emerging industries, today issued a report covering the future of diagnostics and the growth potential of personal genetics services.

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Chain of Command

Just a scan of the daily news headlines reveals there is no denying that regulators the world over are focused on finding radically new approaches to transportation. But how will these changes impact traditional automotive players, and what role does today’s automotive industry have in shaping...

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Urban Mobility – Learning from the Middle East

This article is based on an Arthur D. Little Prism article written by Ralf Baron, Thomas Kuruvilla, Morsi Berguiga, Michael Zintel, Joseph Salem and Mario Kerbage. The article examines the challenges of mass migration into Middle Eastern cities and the strain that is putting on transportation....

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Arthur D. Little analyzes economic benefits and job market...

Major infrastructure project has total economic benefit to EU of €5.15 billion

London, 4 October, 2017 – A recent report from Arthur D. Little (ADL) – “The economic impact to Europe of the Nord Stream 2 Project” – analyzes the economic effects (job creation and GDP) of the ongoing project to build two new gas pipelines from Russia to Germany.

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