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Arthur D Little and Dubai Internet City strongly advise...

According to Arthur D. Little’s recent study, telecom operators should feel more concerned about carbon legislation. Arthur D. Little provides them with recommendations to help them differentiate themselves from their competitors by developing their strategies of "green" products and integrating...

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Large pharmaceutical groups’ expectations in terms of...

According to Frederic Thomas, Associate Director for Arthur D. Little Paris , French pharmaceutical manufacturers depend too much on mature and generic products. Many French factories are in a very fragile situation. He has recently audited around 50 manufacturing sites and noted that most of...

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How has the chemical industry put Europe to sleep?

As early as 2001, the EEC was already concerned about chemical products and their impact on the environment and human health. In 2006, REACH (Registration Evaluation Authorization         of Chemicals), a European legislation, appeared to give for each substance classification, risk assessment,...

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"Is the Czech Republic under a threat of an energy...

Dean Brabec, Managing Director of Arthur D. Little Czech Republic, explains in his three page article for Euro magazine how the global economic crisis affected the Czech energy market and influenced energy prices. His article gives answers to the following questions: How did the global economic...

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Arthur D. Little China appoints new Managing Director

<p>Dr. Thomas Schiller to head ADL China</p>

Arthur D. Little (ADL), a global management consulting firm, today announces the appointment of Dr. Thomas Schiller, as Arthur D. Little China's Managing Director to lead its growing team in China. Dr. Schiller will be tasked with overall strategy, growth and profitability of ADL China.

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IPTV growth hinges on an open standard

<p>New report urges telecoms players to work collectively to develop an interoperable, affordable, and innovation-friendly global IPTV standard&

With the telecoms industry looking to IPTV as its golden ticket to finance large-scale fibre-optic broadband roll-out, a new study by management consultancy Arthur D. Little warns that without a single, global IPTV standard, the industry’s silver bullet could fail to deliver.

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ADL’s Nieuwenhuizen: New era for Petchem

This is a five-page interview with Peter Nieuwenhuizen focusing on strategies companies can employ to manage in an economic downturn.

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Managing capital in a global downturn

Cash and business go hand in hand, and when faced with a recession, companies must make the necessary adjustments in order to survive. Continuous improvement  programmes and a ‘no nonsense’ approach to strategic investment can aid coping in a recession and produce more profitable companies in...

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All hands to the pump

The world’s largest breweries have grown in recent years. How can innovation be applied to augment the unique qualities of the   brewery and the brand, and have the greatest impact on growth? Communication and collaboration have to be significantly enhanced and innovation has to be closer to...

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A gallic village

“When it comes to telecommunication, the Swiss market is somewhat peculiar“says Klaus von den Hoff and Oliver Lux from ADL. In comparison to other European countries, the fixed network suppliers in Switzerland intend to protect their business. Therefore new techniques, such as mobile broadband...

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