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The coming transformation of the automotive industry

The automotive industry is going through a crisis unprecedented in its century-long history.


The impact of future travelers' preferences on the...

Tourism is a highly sensitive reflector of the general state of the economy, falling rapidly in response to a downturn but then bouncing back to growth more quickly than most.

Travel & transportation Strategy

A rose in the bud? Anticipating opportunities in industrial...

Bioplastics and chemicals derived from biological raw materials are being hailed as the next big thing for the chemical industry, a development that could have a huge impact on both that industry and the many others that depend on it.

Chemicals Sustainability

Putting patients at the centre of a new biopharma business...

The pharmaceutical industry is suffering. Expiring patents, increasing demands from regulators and decreasing healthcare budgets are putting companies under pressure, and the industry has to walk a narrow tightrope between keeping profitability up and quickly developing attractive medications....

Healthcare & life sciences

Ten management priorities for today and tomorrow

Now that the dust of the global financial crisis has begun to settle, many business leaders are wondering what their next steps should be in the lingering atmosphere of uncertainty. With the heavy rounds of cost-cutting finished, “Growth now” is the new mantra.


"The customer is the determining factor"

In this exclusive interview, Harri Kerminen, president and chief executive of Kemira, provides an insight into the participatory culture of the Finnish global chemicals group and reveals his thoughts on a changing portfolio, sustainability and how to deal with a challenging economic climate.


Biomimicry: from curiosity to commercial reality

"Nature imitates art", argued Oscar Wilde, but today’s scientists imitate nature. This article examines the remarkable field of biomimicry, in which nature’s ingenious solutions to problems that have long baffled engineers are imitated and adopted.

Technology & innovation management

Private Equity: Strategies for creating value in a...

The credit crunch and the subprime crisis have changed the landscape for private investors. But that doesn’t have to mean the end of the road for private equity.

Private equity

Black Swan events - Should you be concerned?

The discovery of black swans in Western Australia was a shock for scientists. Today those unexpected birds have become a symbol for the disruption of the bell curve that is used for most forms of variation.


Understanding customer needs as the driving force for...

Service, individuality, quality and reliability have turned us into one of the leading travel organizers worldwide.

Travel & transportation