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Improving satisfaction throughout the customer life-cycle

It is becoming ever more crucial for companies not only to keep customers happy, but to keep the right customers happy. But how can they measure the value of customers through the whole customer life-cycle? In this article, the authors explain the methodology developed by Arthur D.

Consumer goods & retail

Biofuels 2.0: investment opportunities and risks

Demand for biofuels is rapidly increasing as governments respond to climate change concerns. For the investor, such a rapidly growing market is attractive, but current demand depends heavily on government incentives.

Automotive, Utilities & alternative energy Sustainability

Open innovation between business and government: clever...

In recent years, open innovation has become one of the most powerful tools in helping business and governments foster and stimulate regional economies. Arthur D. Little has carried out a global study to find out what a number of regions have done.

Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Sustainability within and beyond the ICT industry

How can information and communication technologies help to address sustainability issues?

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) Sustainability

Sustainability in retail banking: Revenue protection or...

Financial services and sustainability might sound like an odd couple, but many banks have recently launched products and services driven by social and environmental issues.

Financial services Strategy, Sustainability

How electricity utilities can make investment decisions for...

As the debate over global warming grows ever-louder, the electricity industry faces growing pressure to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions.

Utilities & alternative energy Strategy

The greening of the chemical industry - References

Chemicals Strategy, Sustainability

The greening of the chemical industry - An opportunity to...

The chemical industry has been dealing with environmental concerns for decades. So how should it approach the current appeals to go green?

Chemicals Strategy, Sustainability

CO2 @ automotive OEMs - What to do in the short term?

The CO2 debate is changing the automotive landscape. While technological solutions will take years to be implemented, changes in buying criteria and their impact on automotive sales might be the real challenge for global automotive OEMs.


Managing integrity and innovation for sustainable...

Linking sustainability, innovation and integrity is a key to creating a successful company.

Technology & innovation management, Sustainability