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Interview with Alberto Bombassei, President and CEO of...

"Always go against the mainstream"


Switching on to Carbon: Addressingthe Threat of Climate...

Telecommunications is not the first industry that comes to mind when you’re thinking about carbon-intensive business. But, the telecoms industry is at the forefront of a movement among businesses to slash emissions across the board.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) Sustainability

Low Income Consumers:How to Profit from the BiggestWorld...

With growth opportunities becoming scarcer by the day in so-called developed countries, many globally active companies are wondering how to explore growth in low income regions.

Consumer goods & retail Strategy

The Resurgence ofPetro-Nationalism

Various regions of the world have recently seen a resurgence of nationalistic trends regarding access to oil reserves.

Utilities & alternative energy Strategy

The Chameleon Innovator

The innovation process still brings out confusion and frustration in many executives. Any escape from this quandary should start with abandoning the model of fractional innovation and embracing the chameleon innovator model.

Strategy, Technology & innovation management

"What really makes the difference is the presence of...

Jean-Philippe Deschamps has been at the forefront of innovation research for a long time. In 1981 he created Arthur D. Little’s Technology and Innovation Management practice.

Strategy, Technology & innovation management

"Knowledge is the only resource that increases through...

As Arthur D. Little celebrates its 120th anniversary we reprint snapshots from a selection of Prism articles from the Nineties to see how the concepts and thoughts presented back then fare in today’s light.


"Who says it can't be done?" A light-hearted...

In a light-hearted potted history of Arthur D. Little, we explore our company’s past while shedding light on the present, showing what’s different, what’s fun and what is particularly special about Arthur D. Little and its people.


"Ours is not a glamorous business, but we make sure it...

Gunnar Brock, CEO of Atlas Copco, a world leading provider of industrial productivity solutions, talks with us about the source of the company’s profitability. It comes down to simplicity and innovation.


"Truth, clarity and consistency - that's what it...

Since Utz Claassen became chairman of the board of EnBW the company's performance has rocketed both financially and operationally. Here he explains to Thorsten Gerhard and Jochen Gerber what it takes to turn an energy behemoth into a successful powerhouse.