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Central and Eastern Europe:An El Dorado for Telecom...

Strong growth, increased liberalisation and new trends in technology have contributed to making the Central and Eastern European telecommunications markets very attractive for investors. In countries like the Czech Republic mobile phone penetration has reached a staggering 105 percent.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) Strategy

A User's Guide to Successful M&As

The global number of mergers and acquisitions has rebounded strongly since 2004. Many top executives are wondering whether it’s worth getting back into M&A as a tool for growth - and if so, what best-practice maximises the chances of success.

Strategy, Corporate finance

Coming Together -Success Through Clustering

The concept of clusters promises to be a winning solution for regions wanting a slice of the cake in new technological fields. In the textbook it all seems very simple. Take a region, throw in scientists and venture capital, then just wait for success.


Arthur D. Little Insights

Smart Growth at Heineken - Managing a Global Brand for...

Heineken was among the first beer brands with a truly global reach, and in recent years the company has followed a very successful growth path. Anthony Ruys outlines Heineken's smart growth strategy. It is all about managing a global brand for local relevance in a responsible way.

Consumer goods & retail Strategy

The Business Case for Corporate Responsibility

Traditional thinking has it that corporate social responsibility doesn't help a company's bottom line. The truth is that not only can actively pursuing a policy of social responsibility cost a company nothing, but it can actually provide a boost for business.

Strategy, Sustainability

Mid-Life Crisis: New Challenges in Pharmaceutical Life-...

The pharmaceutical industry is in crisis. Big, profitable products are losing their patent protection and generic producers are jumping in to take a growing share of the market. We look at how the big pharmas, and the smaller ones, can find a way through these troubled times.

Chemicals, Healthcare & life sciences

Mobile Telephony in Europe: The Leaders Hit Back

European mobile operators are finally recovering from the hangover produced by the towering debt from the introduction of third-generation systems. Our annual survey found an industry bursting with challenges and opportunities for both incumbents and new entrants.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Co-Innovation: Capturing the Innovation Premium for Growth

Companies are scrambling to find new and innovative products to enrich their customers' lives. Old inward-looking concepts of innovation no longer go far enough. Teaming up with external innovators offers new paths to outstanding product and process developments.

Strategy, Technology & innovation management

Product Alignment: The Key Driver of Profit and Growth

Why do some companies manage to move into high-end segments while others blunder? And why do some do extremely well at the bottom end of the market? The answer lies in product alignment, the key to keeping in close contact with your markets.

Consumer goods & retail Strategy