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The chemical industry is already quite advanced in terms of...

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO of Solvay, talks about the European Chemical Industry and the development of Solvay.


“Back to the Core, Focus on Customers”

The Hong Kong Jockey Club is the world's largest horse racing and entertainment organization, founded two years before Arthur D. Little in 1884. In our interview with Mr.

Marketing & sales

Effective Infrastructure Asset Management

It would be easy to assume that after decades of development and refinement, infrastructure asset management practices and approaches would now all be fairly straightforward and well established.

Technology & innovation management

Driving Transformation through Self-assessment

Transforming large decentralized organizations is always a difficult challenge for any business. The challenge is even bigger in public service organizations in areas such as education or care provision, where there may be large numbers of autonomously run operational units.

Travel & transportation Organization & transformation

Metro Railways - A Journey of Transformation

Metro railways are critically important assets for the world's cities if we are to meet the challenges of maintaining urban mobility. For established metros, responding to the needs of the future is no easy thing.

Travel & transportation Technology & innovation management

Digital Pharma - Responding to Challenges and Opportunities...

Innovation has always been one of the foundations for success in the pharmaceutical industry.

Healthcare & life sciences Digital transformation & analytics

The Change Side of Transformation - A Wolf in Sheep’s...

In the new era of "Hypercompetition", companies increasingly need to be agile enough to reinvent and transform themselves.

Organization & transformation

Capturing sustainable value from technology: a case for...

Businesses can no longer afford to simply protect their intellectual property (IP) and use it defensively to prevent competitors encroaching on their territory.

Technology & innovation management

Becoming a next practice business

Unlike creative disruptors and digital leaders who are adept at working with uncertainty, popular management culture in established companies can sometimes serve to artificially simplify the real world and limit business potential.

Technology & innovation management

“Airports are no longer protected players”

Since becoming chairman and CEO of Aéroports de Paris in 2012, Augustin de Romanet has grown the airport operator to become the largest in the world by market capitalization.

Travel & transportation