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Managing the Marketing/R&D Interface

Many CEOs, looking at the considerable resources their companies invest in R&D, can't help wondering whether they are getting commensurate revenue growth.

Doing Business in China: The Dragon Gathers Speed

The breakneck speed of China's development and growth since the introduction of its "open–door" policy in 1979 has set the stage for what many believe will be the emergence of China as the next economic superpower.

Manufacturing Management

Over the past decade, we have heard a lot about the perilous decline of manufacturing in the United States. Yet a review of key indices, adjusted for inflation, reveals an altogether different picture. For instance, hourly output has been rising at almost 5 percent a year for the past three...

Benefiting from NAFTA: New Opportunities in North America

A rather experienced Mexican president, Porfirio Diaz – he was in office 36 years – portrayed his nation's basic attributes in the following way: "Pobre México, tan lejos de Dios, tan cerca de los Estados Unidos." ("Poor Mexico, so far from God, so near the United States.") It's this basic fact...

Leveraging Customer Value

At the invitation of Arthur D. Little, Inc., executives from a number of leading companies met earlier this year to discuss state–of–the–art advances in one key area of growth: leveraging customer value (LCV).

Redesigning the Multinational to Compete Across Europe

One of the frustrations for European consumers is that they pay more than their U.S. counterparts across a whole range of goods and services. A computer that sells for $1,000 in New York may cost £1,000 in the United Kingdom.

Supply Chain Management

Chief procurement and logistics executives from 12 influential companies – representing combined revenues of some $360 billion – met at the Arthur D. Little Colloquium on Supply Chain Management.

Viewpoint The Information Superhighway

Prognostications on the information superhighway range from the starry–eyed to the deeply pessimistic.

Product and Technology Management: Learning to Juggle in...

The leading–edge R&D executives who gathered to discuss product and technology management at the Arthur D. Little colloquium represented companies of vastly different sizes, industries, cultures, and histories.

Viewpoint Hitchhiking on the Information Superhighway

There is some uncertainty about who first coined the phrase, "the information superhighway." U.S. Vice President Al Gore takes credit for coming up with this felicitous phrasemaking as early as 1978. In the car–crazy U.S. culture, the metaphor quickly occasioned a deluge of clever wordplay.