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Measurement for Environmental Effectiveness

Most major businesses spend more than two percent of sales on environmental, health, and safety (EHS) performance. Yet, remarkably, most of them measure that performance only to the extent required by regulation.

Viewpoint Achieving Extraordinary Customer Satisfaction:...

Rover Group is currently the largest UK-based automobile manufacturer. Its products have included many famous brands, such as Austin, Morris, Triumph, MG, Jaguar, Leyland trucks, Land Rover, and the Rover brand itself.

Six Imperatives for Excellence in Environmental Management

In managing for the environment, no company, however accomplished, can afford to rest on its laurels.

Rooting Out the Causes of Inefficient Product Creation

In the decades ahead, successful companies will be those that can develop products with real customer value - and do so fast, consistently, and cost-effectively. Toward this end, most forward-thinking companies have taken initiatives to improve their product creation processes.

Business and the Environment: The Shape of Things to Come

Business and the Environment: The Shape of Things to Come

Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Japan

In 1991 I spent four months in Japan visiting companies to study how they use computers in the design of their products.

Viewpoint Discontinuous Improvement: Five Catapulting Ideas

National and regional economies, like individual enterprises, cannot maintain positions of leadership by conducting business as usual. Nor can they, once they've slipped, regain leadership by imitating the current leader. Imitators seldom if ever catch up to those they imitate.

Controlling the Product Creation Process

Pressure to be first to market with the right products is nothing new.

Building the Power Partnership: Some Rules of the Game for...

One of history's most remarkable organizational achievements is the large public enterprise governed by an independent board of directors. It has served society well for most of this century as an unrivaled creator of wealth, employment, social services, and benefits.

Viewpoint Reflections on Critical Technologies

Before I address individual technologies, let me set the stage by reviewing four technology-related concerns that are uppermost in the minds of demanding technology users: productivity, ease of use, location-independence, and trustability.