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Integrated Design and Manufacturing in Japan

In 1991 I spent four months in Japan visiting companies to study how they use computers in the design of their products.

Viewpoint Discontinuous Improvement: Five Catapulting Ideas

National and regional economies, like individual enterprises, cannot maintain positions of leadership by conducting business as usual. Nor can they, once they've slipped, regain leadership by imitating the current leader. Imitators seldom if ever catch up to those they imitate.

Controlling the Product Creation Process

Pressure to be first to market with the right products is nothing new.

Building the Power Partnership: Some Rules of the Game for...

One of history's most remarkable organizational achievements is the large public enterprise governed by an independent board of directors. It has served society well for most of this century as an unrivaled creator of wealth, employment, social services, and benefits.

Viewpoint Reflections on Critical Technologies

Before I address individual technologies, let me set the stage by reviewing four technology-related concerns that are uppermost in the minds of demanding technology users: productivity, ease of use, location-independence, and trustability.

Listening to Customers

Our clients are keenly interested in learning how they can find out what their customers really want. They pose this question to us not so much in terms of product line extensions or incremental improvements, but in terms of really exciting new breakthrough products.

Rethinking the Organisational Architecture

Getting the organisation right is an issue likely to preoccupy executives throughout the 1990s. This is a difficult time to work in, manage, or change a corporation.

The Coming Revolution in Manufacturing

New manufacturing technologies - exemplified by responsive design, moldless forming, and prototype simulation - will revolutionize the ways products are manufactured and marketed, permitting and indeed requiring the substitution of know-how for capital.

Creating a Product Strategy

Surely every business has a product strategy - right? Wrong! A product strategy is much more than a list of specific product actions over time.

Trust and Cooperation: The Payoff from a Great Place to Work

When Robert McDermott took over as CEO of USAA, he inherited an underperforming auto and casualty insurer that satisfied none of its major stakeholders - customers, owners, or employees.