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The Role of Government in Fostering Innovation

The powerful role traditionally played by governments in fostering private-sector innovation is now expanding, and savvy companies are taking full advantage of a wide range of governmental support, both traditional and new.

Lessons From Product Juggernauts

When the shouting is over, one fact is clear: what differentiates perennially great companies from others is the products they sell. Some companies generate a never-ending stream of products that are appealing to customers and profitable to produce.

Aligning People and Processes During Business-Focused...

British Petroleum Exploration (BPX) is the upstream exploration and production business of The BP Group p.l.c., the world's third-largest integrated oil company. Since 1990 BPX has been engaged in a process of fundamental change that has already yielded significant improvements in performance....

Getting a Return on Your Information Technology Investment

One of the most vexing challenges senior executives face is getting an attractive return on their information technology investments.

Viewpoint Full-Cost Accounting

When it comes to full-cost accounting, nobody has all the answers. Certainly we don't. We do know, however, that air, water, and land are not the "free goods" our society once believed them to be. They must be redefined as assets so that they can be appropriately and efficiently allocated.

Removing Barriers to Change: The Unwritten Rules of the Game

In every realm of our lives, whether we're at work or play, there are Rules of the Game. And these rules always come in two forms – written rules and unwritten rules.

Strategic Technology Leveraging: Managing the Next...

As the costs and the risks of acquiring advanced technology have escalated, businesses have come under pressure to increase the value of their technology by accelerating the pace of its development and expanding its profitable application.

Finding Common Ground Through Alliances and Partnerships

Editor's note: Patrick Noonan is a conservationist, dedicated to preserving nature, protecting resources, and cleaning up pollution.

Core-Technology-Based Management: The Next Japanese...

Intensifying competition - driven in part by the worldwide economic slowdown - is forcing Japanese companies to abandon their "copycat" or "me-too" strategies and adopt new Western-style strategies based on proprietary technologies.

An Eye on Disclosure: The EC's Eco-Management and...