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European Environmental Trends in the 1990s

Companies worldwide would do well to take note of environmental trends now developing in Europe.

Beyond the Quality Revolution: Linking Quality to Corporate...

Victor Hugo once wrote that "there is nothing like dream to create the future," and history supports his claim. Hugo's own countryman and contemporary, Jules Verne, imagined a time when rockets might carry passengers bound for the moon.

Environmental Excellence: Meeting the Challenge

Environmental, health, and safety management is one of the most pressing challenges facing corporations today. However, except for a handful of progressive companies, most organizations are not yet devoting to this critical area the full attention and resources it needs.

Viewpoint New Tools, New Rules: Playing to Win in the New...

At temperatures near absolute zero, and now at much higher temperatures for some ceramic materials, superconductivity occurs. The rules that govern the propagation of electricity suddenly change. Resistance disappears and electrical devices become much more efficient.

Safeguarding the Environment: Critical Issues for Today and...

Underlying all environmental issues is the tension between stewardship of the environment and the goals of business, namely growth and profitability. Today, the message of the scientists is being heard.

Technology Intelligence: A Powerful Tool for Competitive...

Among the many management and planning tools that are available to help companies identify, develop, and implement technology, one is often overlooked or underutilized: technology intelligence.

Viewpoint International, Multinational, and/or Global?

How do large, worldwide businesses evolve from international to multinational and then to global structures?

Viewpoint Arthur D. Little's Experience with TQM

Arthur D. Little's experience with Total Quality Management (TQM) has both emerged from and helped to shape our corporate strategy, which, in turn, is designed to meet a number of goals. Although Arthur D.

Managing Interfaces: A Key to Rapid Product and Service...

Today, innovation contributes as much to protecting profits as cost containment. Indeed, many companies risk corporate failure unless they produce the right products or services at the right time.

Japanese Businesses at a Crossroads

In the 1990s, Japanese businesses are being challenged to revise their fundamental approaches to doing business, both domestically and internationally.