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Technology Intelligence: A Powerful Tool for Competitive...

Among the many management and planning tools that are available to help companies identify, develop, and implement technology, one is often overlooked or underutilized: technology intelligence.

Viewpoint International, Multinational, and/or Global?

How do large, worldwide businesses evolve from international to multinational and then to global structures?

Viewpoint Arthur D. Little's Experience with TQM

Arthur D. Little's experience with Total Quality Management (TQM) has both emerged from and helped to shape our corporate strategy, which, in turn, is designed to meet a number of goals. Although Arthur D.

Managing Interfaces: A Key to Rapid Product and Service...

Today, innovation contributes as much to protecting profits as cost containment. Indeed, many companies risk corporate failure unless they produce the right products or services at the right time.

Japanese Businesses at a Crossroads

In the 1990s, Japanese businesses are being challenged to revise their fundamental approaches to doing business, both domestically and internationally.

Viewpoint Evolving the Strategy at Ford

Of the more than 40 years I have spent with Ford Motor Company all over the world, the last 10 have been the most exciting. The decade of the 1980s brought a massive cultural change at Ford.

The Vision of the Integrated Enterprise

The time is the mid-1990s. After a long business dinner with your field service managers, you are crawling down the interstate highway (traffic hasn't improved over the past five years!).

How Japanese Multinationals Work So Well

The Japanese multinational gains its efficiency and effectiveness through a management system superbly well equipped to handle complex coordination.

Viewpoint Continuous Renewal at Motorola

Few of the challenges of leadership are as pressing as the task of addressing ourselves to the renewal of the dynamic high-technology industries. This paper contains a potpourri of thoughts on this subject.

Managing Rapid Technological Development

The introduction of new technology into products is accelerating in industry after industry. Today, the pace at which companies introduce new technology has become a principal determinant of competitive success - or failure. Arthur D.