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The New Environmental Stewardship

Heads of corporations have long been fluent in the languages of competition, finance, shareholder value, and - more recently - manufacturing strategies and global information networks. But for many, environmental management was an issue to be looked after elsewhere in the organisation.

Japan's Changing Management Style

In response to the rapidly changing world markets in which they compete, Japanese firms are facing the need for significant changes in the way they manage themselves. While some changes are already under way, more drastic changes may be expected.

Academic/Industry Liaisons

It has been 37 years since Watson and Crick unraveled the genetic mysteries and catapulted molecular biology into the forefront of laboratory sciences. Events in the academic laboratories since then have been nothing short of revolutionary.

Proprietary Technology: The Next Challenge for the NICs

The future economic success of the Asia Pacific region is predicated on developing and sustaining a successful manufacturing sector.

Toward Effective Supplier Management: International...

The purchasing function is acquiring high priority in the eyes of senior management for a number of reasons. First, increasingly global strategies for marketing and manufacturing require equally global approaches to sourcing.

Strategic Alliances in High-Tech Industries

As the next century approaches, significant trends now emerging in global economics and technology will have major implications for corporate international strategies.

Collaborating With Potential Competitors: The Profits and...

Many Western managers are becoming wary of joint ventures. They have learned through costly experience that such alliances - particularly with Asian partners - can become a low-cost route through which new competitors acquire technology and market access.

Asia Pacific: The Next Regional Trading Bloc?

If Lester Thurow is right in suggesting that GATT is "dead," how will international trading relationships develop during the rest of this century?

Viewpoint What Executives Need to Learn

Executives who understand their work in terms of a flow of information are still a very small minority. Most of us continue to use computers primarily to do things we have always done - that is, to crunch numbers.

Corporate Management of a Major Crisis

The way a company manages a major crisis can literally spell the difference between life and death - both for the immediate victims of the crisis and for the company itself.