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Alliances for Competitive Advantage: Why, When, and How

For better or worse, alliance formation soared during the 1980s as corporations united for competitive advantage. While many alliances have been highly successful, others have ended bitterly, and some should never have been formed in the first place.

Planning for Chaos: A Scenario Approach to the Oil Market

No one can forecast oil prices. Yet a sharp change in oil prices can radically alter business conditions for a very large number of companies.

Redefining the Corporation

In recent years, a great many corporations have been reshaping - or at least attempting to reshape - themselves, with varying degrees of success. In North America, at least, the 1980s could easily end up being called the Decade of Downsizing.

How the Japanese Manage Risk

Americans hear so much about Japan as the success story of the international economy, they sometimes forget that the Japanese have economic problems of their own. Japan has its declining industries such as steel and its low-wage competitors such as South Korea and Taiwan.

Political and Economic Forces Shaping the Business World

Historians and social scientists do better looking backward than looking forward. Economists, for example, have predicted seven of the last two recessions. Once something has happened, however, we can usually explain why it was inevitable.

From Uncertainty to Risk: Reducing the Guesswork in R&D

The R&D imperative for industry has never been more compelling. Virtually all of industry has felt the impact of increased competition, much of it technically based, as well as the accelerated pace of technological challenge and change.

The New Business Topography

Once again we are embarked on a period of turbulent change, when it seems that the established order is dissolving, familiar guideposts disappearing, and our traditional frames of reference out of date. The very topography in which business is conducted is shifting beneath our feet.

Viewpoint The Other Germany: An Open Door to Europe and...

"With German unification apparently imminent, there is a danger that Americans will adopt a passive attitude towards commercial relations with the German Democratic Republic (GDR).

The New Production-Sharing Networks

Production sharing is a strategy for conducting industrial operations in which certain procurement and manufacturing processes are restructured and shared, with firms in a developed country furnishing capital and technology-intensive components, while firms in a developing country furnish labor-...

Viewpoint Beyond Tiananmen: Is There a Future for Foreign...

The recent events in China's Tiananmen Square sent a deep shudder through the boardrooms of many firms in the United States, Western Europe, and Japan.