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Digital Inclusion in public services

Enhancing digital literacy, skills and inclusion in public services

Despite investments and efforts, the performance in "connectivity" of different European regions is not homogenous.

Public services Digital transformation & analytics

Innovation Quest for Telecom Operators

The heat is on!

The topic of innovation is not new to telecom companies per se. They have been among the first to introduce corporate accelerators, launch corporate venture capital arms, and introduce a variety of corresponding managerial roles. However, realizing value from these innovation efforts have proved...

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) Technology & innovation management

Dispute Resolution Support Services

Contractual, commercial and technical expertise in the global energy industry

The senior members of our Dispute Resolution Support team have worked on the commercial and technical aspects of the global energy industry since the 1970s.

Oil & gas, Utilities & alternative energy

The Truck Industry in the Middle East

Strategic growth opportunities in an underestimated region

Conventional wisdom in the truck industry is that the Middle East is mostly a budget-truck market, with a strong presence of Chinese manufacturers - but the reality is different.


The future of diesel engines

Diesel market share will stay above 50% in medium-upper car segments

Limits on emissions in the automotive sector are expected to become even more stringent in the future, with the US and EU leading the regulation pattern.


Escalating fines for safety offences

Since the introduction of new sentencing guidelines in February 2016, companies have seen much larger fines for health and safety violations

New sentencing guidelines are evidently changing the landscape for health and safety prosecutions. Executives should be aware of these changes and the potential implications on their business


How to unlock the hidden value of the customer?

Capturing maximum customer spending through dynamic pricing and bundling

In the last two decades all OEMs have found new space for growth by leveraging additional revenue streams thataddressed downstream business and ancillary products and services. They realized that even though they were massivelyinvesting in marketing and sales activities that attempted to...

Automotive Marketing & sales

Time to monetize fixed-mobile convergence

How to move beyond fixed-mobile bundles

Fixed-mobile convergence has become a reality in Europe, driven by operators in markets within frastructure-based competition and essentially adopted by customers for its discounts.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Airport parking

How to maximize customer experience and value creation from airport parking activities

Airport parking activities are an important contributor to the commercial revenue streams of airports. Airports must therefore offer attractive portfolios of parking products at the right prices to contribute to the overall experience of the airport passenger.

Travel & transportation

Setting objectives and measuring digitalization in Financial

It’s time to re-examine the facts and adjust the course

Financial companies are investing in digitalization to improve operational costs and meet client expectations, but few can claim success.

Financial services Digital transformation & analytics