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Energize Telecoms

Benefits and risks for telcos considering opportunities in energy management

For several decades the prospect of energy utility and telco convergence has loomed, but with limited results. All of the above change factors, however, demonstrate a transformational shift in the energy sector and open new opportunities for telecom and technology operators. Global players have...

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Utilities & alternative energy

Alternative paths for large IOCs

Low oil prices may drive pervasive structural changes in upstream oil and gas

In the same way that the low oil prices of the 1990's triggered a major structural overhaul of the oil and gas sector, it is important now to ask what impact the current phase of low oil prices might also have on future structural trends in the industry, in particular on the large International...

Oil & gas

Emerging technologies in Solar

Traversing the PV lab-to-fab “valleys of death”

The rapidly declining unit cost of silicon-based photovoltaic (PV) cells over the past four decades has facilitated the advent of PV as a commercially viable energy source. However, emerging PV technologies currently in development show the potential to disrupt and replace the dominant market...

Utilities & alternative energy

Managed services for telecom operators

Removing the efficiency barrier customers face from technological complexity

Managed services are becoming increasingly popular with businesses around the world. The global market for managed services is expected to grow from USD 160 billion in 2014 to USD 286 billion in 2019, at an...

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Smart Home: Bridging the Islands

Why telecom operators are best positioned to unlock untapped potential in Smart Home

The Smart Home becomes a significant market for multiple industry and ecosystem players - from home appliance manufacturers to software players to telecommunication service providers, utilities and insurance companies.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

How to create breakthroughs in nine months

Build fast and effective capabilities to deliver breakthroughs with The Breakthrough Factory™

The challenge of creating "breakthrough innovations" is one that many large corporations struggle with.

Technology & innovation management

Second Grid Executive & Expert Roundtable

Power grids have become a dynamic part of the utility industry, as well as an important revenue driver and stable source of income for integrated utilities. Arthur D.

Utilities & alternative energy

5G: Closer than you think

While a global standard is yet to be defined, South Korea has already announced a 5G trial network for the Winter Olympic Games in 2018. From 2G to 4G, cellular wireless technologies have been evolving towards offering more speed, and each standard has been tagged with a handful of major...

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Churn management in utilities

Managing customer churn in power and gas utilities is a top priority in most European markets. Utilities are faced with ever-increasing challenges due to shifting customer preferences, the appearance of new offerings and of new competitors with different business models.

Utilities & alternative energy

How to start off with "Industry 4.0" now!

How can companies manage the complexity of the host of topics around “Industry 4.0”? And how is it possible to gain financially measurable results?

"Industry 4.0" is currently on everyone’s lips. Which topics are just hyped? Which technologies have real value for the operations of your company? How, where and when should you implement them to gain profits in the short and long terms?

Operations management