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Aviation Alliance Strategy

Beyond the global alliance model?

In the context of a challenging macro environment, the global aviation sector is facing unprecedented change due to advances in aircraft technology, disruptive business models and a new generation of digitally enabled passenger. In light of these "hyper-competitive" pressures, Arthur D.

Travel & transportation

Subcontracting safety?

Strengthening control of supply chain safety using a culture-based approach

In the face of relentless and growing pressure for efficiency, companies are increasingly outsourcing to suppliers and contractors, meaning that managing safety across the supply chain is more challenging than ever.


Detection and prevention of risk from third parties

As companies’ reliance on third parties (such as contractors, partners and suppliers) increases, the need to both detect and prevent risk from these third parties becomes ever more important.
Utilities & alternative energy Risk

Value engineering of capital projects

Is your business optimizing value over the entire asset lifecycle, from the start?

Large capital projects are often not delivered at the lowest possible cost, nor do they always deliver maximum value at any given cost. Value engineering provides a framework to systematically identify opportunities for cost reduction, whilst maximizing functionality and incorporating innovative...

Operations management

Pricing Benchmark

Voice and MBB Services Tariff Plans Benchmarking

In our current  Voice and MBB Services Tariff Plans Benchmarking edition we observed, mostly in the Western Europe, continuous trends of decreasing prices and an increasing of data allowances and consumption with a consequent growing demand for Networks Infrastructure

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Energize Telecoms

Benefits and risks for telcos considering opportunities in energy management

For several decades the prospect of energy utility and telco convergence has loomed, but with limited results. All of the above change factors, however, demonstrate a transformational shift in the energy sector and open new opportunities for telecom and technology operators. Global players have...

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME), Utilities & alternative energy

Alternative paths for large IOCs

Low oil prices may drive pervasive structural changes in upstream oil and gas

In the same way that the low oil prices of the 1990's triggered a major structural overhaul of the oil and gas sector, it is important now to ask what impact the current phase of low oil prices might also have on future structural trends in the industry, in particular on the large International...

Oil & gas

Emerging technologies in Solar

Traversing the PV lab-to-fab “valleys of death”

The rapidly declining unit cost of silicon-based photovoltaic (PV) cells over the past four decades has facilitated the advent of PV as a commercially viable energy source. However, emerging PV technologies currently in development show the potential to disrupt and replace the dominant market...

Utilities & alternative energy

Managed services for telecom operators

Removing the efficiency barrier customers face from technological complexity

Managed services are becoming increasingly popular with businesses around the world. The global market for managed services is expected to grow from USD 160 billion in 2014 to USD 286 billion in 2019, at an...

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Smart Home: Bridging the Islands

Why telecom operators are best positioned to unlock untapped potential in Smart Home

The Smart Home becomes a significant market for multiple industry and ecosystem players - from home appliance manufacturers to software players to telecommunication service providers, utilities and insurance companies.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)