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Media & Entertainment: Flow of Funds

Trends and developments in the UK

The UK Media and Entertainment sector has exhibited solid growth to reach GBP 39.1 bn by the end of 2013. Consumer spending on media and entertainment accounted for more than half the total industry inflows, though the proportion coming from advertising is now growing strongly. Both segments...

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Big Data: A gold mine in Telcos’ backyard

Extracting maximum value from Big Data

Big Data is an invaluable strategic lever for telecom operators to reverse the revenue decline trend affecting markets worldwide. Big Data enables Telcos to leverage one of their strongest hidden assets, customer insights.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Driving safety improvement

Improving business performance through strengthened road driver management

As businesses improve safety performance in core operations, risks relating to road transport are stepping into the limelight and concerns are being raised at board level as threats to business performance are becoming clear.  The United Nations has declared 2011-2020 the Decade of Action for...


Time to better leverage LTE?

Benchmarks, dynamics and insights into mobile data services

The current global trend towards tariff reduction highlights the importance of generating and promoting data usage through LTE’s enhanced customer experience.

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Clarity on carrier cloud

Staying the course, despite the odds being stacked against carriers

Carrier’s the world over are actively investing to find their niche in cloud services to drive growth, but few can claim success. Building a credible cloud service will require to fully understand the market potential for public, private cloud and related services.

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Hybrid Cloud: Built for your benefit

Haven’t thought about the cloud yet? Still concerned about security limitations?

Today “Cloud” is a term that is present in everyone’s ears. Companies across all industries consider the new concept to profit from cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency. Yet there are essential concerns about the technology that keep many potential customers away from taking the last...

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The China light van segment

A dynamic market with increasing volume and shifting needs

The light van market in China seems to be a long-forgotten segment for foreign OEMs. The market is mostly in low-tier cities and rural areas where customers have limited budgets.


Safety governance: Getting it right

Exercising effective safety governance across large, diverse corporations

As companies become increasingly consolidated, the challenge for their boards and executive leadership teams are to decide what form of corporate safety governance is required, and how leadership will support the effective implementation of this governance across their company’s constituent...


The future of lignite power

A viewpoint on the “Energiewende” and its impact on lignite power

After nuclear, the future of lignite will be the next big discussion on the energy agenda.

Oil & gas

Convergence of banking and telecoms

Will digitalization encourage cooperation?

Telecom operators and retail banks have been converging for years.

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