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U-Channel Retail

“Ubiquitous, Universal and Unique”

The retail landscape is undergoing major changes driven by external trends and due to a challenging economic environment, spending and recovery continues to be challenging.

Marketing & sales

Why invest in China now?

The path to success in the fast growing market

In the last decade, China has become an essential player in the world’s economic landscape and has been the favored investment target for countless companies located in the mature markets. Although China has been a driver of economic success for most of these companies,


Telco and Utility: Friend or Foe?

How telecommunication companies and utilities fight to capture a share in smart energy

The energy market is undergoing a tremendous transformation. All parts of the electricity value chain are on their way to becoming “smart”. This creates new market opportunities – and players are evolving to take advantage of them.

Utilities & alternative energy Technology & innovation management

Catching the Smart Home Opportunity

Room for Growth for Telecom Operators

Smart Home services are poised for strong growth and represent an attractive opportunity for telecom operators to expand their services and revenue streams. Telcos have several competitive advantages, including their internet gateways, strong customer relationships, and sales and support...

Utilities & alternative energy Strategy

The Growth Accelerator - Benefit

Implementing a targeted and impactful Growth Accelerator initiative typically yields an average return of 13 percentage points incremental CAGR (compound annual growth rate). While organizations concentrate on serving existing business to fulfill annual targets and shareholders' expectations,...


The Growth Accelerator - Framework

Accelerating profitable growth through innovation in promising opportunity spaces

In the midst of the financial turmoil and macroeconomic challenges most companies improved their cost structure and cash position. Now, despite the continuous political and economic challenges, organic growth and innovation returns to the corporate agenda.


The Business Benefits of 4G LTE

As Information and Communications Technology (ICT) continues to develop, the business world is applying it ever more broadly – and across increasingly diverse applications. Critical to this is the development of mobile communications technology.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) Technology & innovation management

Offshore Wind Meets Nuclear

Most of the challenges in the development and procurement of offshore wind energy have been faced before- why not take a chance and have a look at les

Offshore wind projects often embrace expertise from the Oil & Gas industry. Facing increasing delays and other challenges it might be the right time to also have a look at an industry which is often considered an antagonist of wind power: nuclear energy.

Utilities & alternative energy Technology & innovation management

How to overcome the IT innovation dilemma…

…with incremental steps towards increased business value generation

IT innovation is often perceived as the invention of the next Google, Facebook, or Kindle. We argue that CIOs can significantly transform business models through much smaller endeavors that can be highly effective for the company.

Information management

‘Triangulate‘ your IT for Business Value

The days of IT as a pure enabler function for companies are over – and with it the role of the CIO/CFO. Instead, his role is shifting towards the ”balancing” power in enterprises, being responsible for operational stability, innovation and business value generation simultaneously.

Information management