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Over-the-Top Video – "First to Scale Wins"

Does this Mean the Return of National Heroes?

Over-the-top (OTT) video services focusing on professional long-form content, such as Hulu, Lovefilm and Netflix, saw tremendous growth in subscribers and revenues over the last few years.

Manage Risk for Product Launch

Actively manage risk to deliver the right products on time!

Delivering new products just right on time and designing them for just the right customers remains among the most difficult challenges in product development. While risk management has been a well-established notion in hedging and safety related issues, it is not really applied yet in product...

Technology & innovation management

Exane Report 2009 - Reviving the fixed line

Triple-play slows mobile substitution and pushes broadband market consolidation

This eighth edition of the annual Exane BNP Paribas-Arthur D. Little joint report on telecom operators focuses on the move by operators into content. In preparing the report, we have conducted 95 interviews with 83 companies in the telecoms, media and technology (TMT) arena operating in 17...

Arthur D. Little Exane report 2010

Mobile internet: blessing or curse?

This ninth edition of the annual Exane BNP Paribas-Arthur D. Little joint report focuses on European mobile operators: can they return to growth? If so at what cost? In preparing the report, we have conducted 87 meetings with 75 organisations in the telecoms, media and technology arena operating...

Arthur D. Little - Exane BNP Paribas report 2011

Super fast broadband: catch up if you can

This tenth edition of the annual Arthur D. Little-Exane BNP Paribas joint report focuses on the prospects of super fast broadband (fiber and cable) in Europe: Are operators about to announce more capex to deploy wider fiber networks to connect homes across Europe?
Technology & innovation management

Mastering Airport Retail

Roadmap to New Industry Standards

In the five years before the crisis, there had been a period of strong growth. Today, prospects for airport retail in the mid-term remain positive even if forecasting has been a risky exercise in this current climate.

Marketing & Sales Excellence in the Crisis

Reduce costs without jeopardising sales generation capabilities

Chief executives are preparing their companies for worst-case scenarios and at the same time gearing up to emerge in a strong position once the crisis has passed.

Industrial goods & services, Consumer goods & retail

Excellence through the Downturn

Repositioning the Company in the Competitive Landscape

Operations management

Pricing in a downturn

The value of a structured pricing approach

In today’s economic environment, most companies are focused on projects that provide immediate payback. Proactive executives are currently engaging in typical downturn-management activities such as cost-cutting and working capital management.


The Hidden Value In Your Accounts Receivable

The hidden value in accounts receivable - how to use 3rd party services

First-class accounts receivable management increases a firm’s value. Overlooked by many companies, reducing accounts receivable by use of 3rd party services, is a value creation lever frequently addressed by private equity owned companies.

Industrial goods & services, Consumer goods & retail