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Untying the Gordian Knot

Digital Rights Management

The media debate regarding DRM over the past few years has pitted two groups against each other: end users accused of wanting a free lunch (e.g., through file sharing) and content owners who sometimes have been overambitious in building fences around their rights.

Disruptive Threat or Innovative Opportunity?

Scenarios for Mobile Voice OTT

Many traditional Telcos are complacent that voice OTT is either a niche technology championed by cash strapped challengers unlikely to cause major upset or an opportunity of modest proportion hampered by poor monetization, inferior QoS and challenged business models. Pending choices both in...

Speaking the Same Language

Improving Communications between Companies and Investors on Corporate Responsibility

Investors and companies are still not having a meaningful dialogue about the business value of corporate responsibility. But there is a strong desire to change this and to find agreement on the best way forward.


Optimal Results

Optimal results

Effective portfolio management has become more important than ever for energy companies. It can reduce costs and improve earnings significantly and the current volatile price environment and requirements for risk management make it even more compelling.

Government and Transport Sector Urged to Change Attitudes of

Government and transport sector urged to change attitudes of travelling public

Arthur D. Little and Cambridge Consultants hosted the Intelligent Journey workshop at Castle Ashby in Northampton. Decision-makers, opinion-formers and experts from the whole spectrum of the transport industry came together to explore how the intelligent journey jigsaw is best pieced together...

Fitting China into Your Global Footprint

Fitting China into your global footprint

China is no longer just a low-cost country suited to cheap mass production. It has now also developed the capabilities to serve as an R&D base. Companies must therefore design a new strategy fitting China into their global manufacturing and R&D footprint.


Finding the Right Track

Strategic challenges for Nordic Public Transport Operators

Public transport in Northern Europe is changing rapidly with increased outsourcing, shifts in the public’s travelling needs and significant regulatory changes. These trends put pressure on traffic operators to not only improve operations but also to rethink their strategic and tactical agenda....

Executives must Rethink

Manage IT as a competitive weapon

Many companies and institutions focus on the investment side of the business case as they assess their information technology (IT) investments. In some cases, IT investments are even treated as costs. The return, i.e. IT enabling business benefits in line with the strategic agenda, is seldom...

Technology & innovation management

Delivering the Brand

OEMs and customer experience at dealers

OEMs are increasingly focusing on brand rather than product differentiation in order to compete effectively. The customer experience delivered by dealers is an important component of the total brand experience.

Corporate Responsibility in the Food Industry

Too hard to swallow?

Food is a global industry led by multinational corporations. Brand-labelled, processed foods dominate the market and the majority of profits are made from value-added, industrial-scale production and distribution. Arthur D. Little held a "naked lunch" to examine the role of the food company, and...