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Winning the Retail Game

Dealer performance as a success factor

With cut-throat competition characterising stagnant automotive retail markets,  high-performing dealer networks are becoming essential to OEMs' market success.

Construction Trade Convergence

The trend towards energy efficiency, “green building” solutions, renovation or value-added services, means that previously distinct construction trades and value chain structures are beginning to converge.

Marketing & sales

Marketing & Sales Excellence

Marketing and Sales Excellence is critical to success: our compelling benchmark study across industries identifies room for improvement for your company. Arthur D. Little and the Leipzig Graduate School of Management are jointly running an ongoing cross-industry benchmarking study to identify...


LTE Spectrum and Network Strategies

Strategic Options for Mobile Operators in Dynamic 4G Mobile Markets

The LTE spectrum auctions across Europe are the start of LTE becoming market reality. Operators are focusing on one of two spectrum strategic options: major investments into 800 MHz or smart hybrid multiband solutions with >1GHz spectrum on 1800, 2600 FDD and TDD bands.

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) Technology & innovation management

Beyond Voice: A Survey of Voice-Enhanced Services

Arthur D. Little and VMA, the International Association for Enhanced Voice Services, have conducted a pan-European survey on voice enhanced services offered by operators.

Strategic Planning for Telecom Companies 2005

Strategic Planning is a key factor for a company's growth and success, but its importance is often neglected and only half-heartedly executed. However, in today's competitive and unpredictable environment with fast-changing customer needs, it is more important than ever to proactively and...

Deregulation of the telecom sector

Deregulation is being discussed in many countries as a means to provide incentives for investments into new infrastructure.

Mobilizing Enterprise

Mobile Enterprise Solutions have reached a development stage in which they can bring considerable benefits to companies. Arthur D. Little and the communications solutions provider, Ericsson, recently conducted a joint survey of current trends in Mobile Enterprise Solutions.

Broadband Vision 2011

In our third report on the Broadband industry, we have assessed three basic industry scenarios, namely operator dominance, shift of value towards internet companies and sponsored environments to provide a broad understanding of the Broadband Vision 2011.

Web 2.0

Web reloaded? Driving convergence in the "real world"

Arthur D. Little has led a number of Web 2.0 projects. One of the lessons learned out of these projects is that Web 2.0 is not only gaining speed in the US but also in Europe.