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Time for Change

Oil Company Asset Management

Structural changes taking place in the oil supply outlook are making it very complex for international oil companies (IOCs) to pursue their key twin targets.

Research & Technology Institutes

Meeting the Challenges of the Post-Recession World

Research and technology institutes (RTIs) around the world are facing a number of strategic and operational challenges: changes in their role, pressures on funding, more global competition, and increasing demands from their sponsors and customers.

Technology & innovation management

Improving Management of Potentially Catastrophic Risks

In the Oil & Gas Industry

Recent catastrophic events show that, despite carefully planned and implemented risk management, the impact of residual risks can present significant damage to an oil & gas company’s balance sheet. This has turned industry attention to the assessment of exposure to risk (EtR) – the concept...

Putting the Focus Back Where it Belongs – on Business

Results of Arthur D. Little’s 2010 global survey on the economic crisis

It is close to two years since the financial and economic crisis erupted with the dramatic collapse of Lehman Brothers. As our 2009 global survey revealed, companies have made unavoidable short-term cost reductions and taken measures for the future. It is now time to focus on the effectiveness...


Nuclear New Build Unveiled

Is Nuclear New Build more a Management than a Technology Challenge?

The new build of nuclear power plants is one of the present day’s most complex technical undertakings. Inaccurate understanding of projects risks and inaccurate prioritisation of critical activities often lead to significant delays and budget overruns. The study "Nuclear New Build Unveiled"...

The German Internet Industry 2009–2012

Review, Trends, and Drivers

The joint study carried out by the eco - the association of the German internet industry - and Arthur D. Little is the first systematic analysis of the German internet industry. It sheds light on the complexity as well as the size of the industry and covers important indicators pertaining to the...

FTTH: Double Squeeze of Incumbents - Forced to Partner?

High-Speed Cable and FTTB/H Networks Deployed by Alt-nets and Utilities Put EU Incumbents Into a Double Squeeze

This paper should be a wakeup call to EU governments and regulators. For ten years, discussions about how to regulate NGA (next generation access) have been ongoing. Meanwhile, the current regulatory policy is failing. Governments and regulators need to support FTTB/H investments now. Otherwise...

@Banks: Stay Tuned With Your Customers

How Smart Financial Institutions Exploit the Communication Advantage

Considering the turmoil that has hit financial institutions' profitability and reputation in the last years, and combining this with the global attention on strengthening regulations and more severe capital requirements, banks need to capture new competitive advantages.

Financial services

IT Rightsizing

A balanced approach to cost saving

The credit crisis, increasing energy prices and overheated stock markets are all indicators of a possible economic downturn. Like all budgets, IT budgets will be cut.

Information management

Excellence in Working Capital Management

Arthur D. Little's interdisciplinary approach to working capital management optimises working capital from both a financial and production/ logistics perspective.

Industrial goods & services