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Smart Grid opportunities for telcos

New business models in the electricity market of the future for telcos

Existing electricity grids are not capable of satisfying the increasing demand for a reliable electricity supply in the long run.

Realigning UK Energy Policy

From a High Cost, Low Quality System to a Robust, Cost-Efficient Infrastructure

For more than a decade, the government has pursued a series of inconsistent policies in the electricity sector, flip-flopping between conflicting policy objectives that if implemented would likely lead to a high cost, but low quality, electricity system that will not deliver the desired climate...

Making Value Management Work, at Last

How Telecom Operators Can Extract More Value from Their Customer Goldmine

The telecoms industry has reached a turning point and is shifting from a period of exponential growth towards optimisation. While many operators have implemented some form of value management, they have focused too closely on short-term results to capture the full benefits of these programs....

Strategic Options in the Fleet Service Market

Confronting Risk and Seizing Opportunity in an Evolving Market

Business customers account for almost 50 per cent of the passenger car fleet in Europe, but after sales service to this customer group is generally neglected by the major market players. However, declining residual values and the need for cost savings are reshaping the whole after-sales business...

Captive Auto Insurances

An Untapped Downstream Profit Potential for Car Manufacturers

Parts and service remain the largest profit generators for car manufacturers. This substantial high margin business has attracted independent low cost repair shop networks, which have increasingly become preferred supplier to car insurers who are striving to keep costs at bay. Most automotive...

The New Reality of Network Cooperation

Mobile Network Operators Should Partner While the Window of Opportunity Exists

Mobile operators are increasingly turning to active radio access network sharing, especially on 3G and LTE, in order to manage new CAPEX requirements and to achieve new levels of business performance. Successful deals in infrastructure partnership in many markets are evidence of a new business...

Managing Technological Discontinuities

How Information & Communication Technologies Can Change Your Business

“The winners are found among those who can capture, protect and internalise ‘new to industry‘ and ‘new to world‘ technologies.“ The increasing importance of information and communication technologies (ICT) for innovation in many industry sectors comes with new opportunities for competitive...

Technology & innovation management

Are Suppliers Poised for a Turnaround?

Arthur D. Little’s 2011 Telecoms Infrastructure Supplier Outlook

After its successful 2008 telecoms infrastructure supplier outlook, Arthur D. Little has again reviewed the performance of leading telecom suppliers and conducted a global survey of chief technology officers (CTOs) for an update on their perspective on sector developments and challenges ahead....

Global CAPEX & Maintenance Forecast

Revised Using 2011 Model

Arthur D. Little’s energy practice forecasts growth in Global CAPEX and maintenance spending of 3.8 per cent CAGR from 2011 to 2016 with most of the growth driven by new investments in exploration and production.

Business Case for Corporate Responsibility

Business Case for Corporate Responsibility

In 2003, Arthur D. Little collaborated with Business in the Community to produce a concise report on current thinking on the business case for corporate responsibility, arguing that specific corporate responsibility initiatives and programmes require specific business cases.