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Breakthrough levers to embark on digital marketing

How companies should transform themselves to attract and engage customers with real, omnichannel journeys

Marketing & sales

Is tender excellence on your radar?

How transportation & logistics companies can achieve the next level

Travel & transportation

Arthur D. Little 2017 “Economics of Telecoms” Report

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME)

Seven value drivers for the future of procurement

Evolve towards the future of procurement by unlocking potential seven value drivers

Operations management

Reimagining telco operations in a hyper-digital world

How can telcos achieve the next efficiency frontier through digital technologies?

Telecommunications, Information technology, Media & Electronics (TIME) Strategy

Electric vehicles and electric utilities

A clear opportunity with many shapes

Automotive, Utilities & alternative energy

Who dares to take the “monkey” on their shoulder?

Why energy companies struggle to make decisions, and what they can do about it

Utilities & alternative energy Organization & transformation

Ambidextrous Organizations – Build sustainable organizational advantage

Achieve a tailored organizational equilibrium that delivers speed & creativity as well as scale & productivity!

Organization & transformation

Effective corporate risk governance

Mastering risk governance in an increasingly uncertain and fast-changing world


Successfully embarking on the Omnichannel journey

Technology & innovation management