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Four key questions to consider for successful digital transformation

Strategy, Organization & transformation, Digital company transformation

Integrating lean principles into digital transformation

Digital company transformation, Operations management

“E-lectric” customers

Understanding customers’ online engagement with their power and gas utilities: The case of Spain

Marketing & sales

The advent of consumer owned genetic profiles

Personal genetic services due for explosive growth

Healthcare & life sciences

Beyond carrots and sticks

Unlocking safety gains through understanding irrational behavior


Efficiency & effectiveness in rail operations

The role of long-term capex planning and major asset renewal and replacement

Travel & transportation

Seizing the digital opportunities in pharma

Preparing your organization and monetizing the digital technologies

Healthcare & life sciences Strategy, Organization & transformation

Digital transformation in developing countries

Promotion and adoption should be the main actions for companies and government

Public services Technology & innovation management

How to scale your Agile right

Successfully implementing Agile in large corporations

Technology & innovation management, Information management

Car sharing in China: another storm in city mobility

The booming car-sharing business in China, its challenges and key success factors