Arthur D. Little has been pioneers in risk management for more than three decades. Today, we have deeper insight and broader capability in this field than any other leading strategy consulting firm. Uniquely, we can provide in-house teams combining business and commercial acumen with specialist expertise and knowledge in areas such as safety-critical systems, transport risk, safety culture and process safety. We work across a wide range of industries and public sector organizations. 

Arthur D. Little has been a pioneer in safety and risk management for over a century - highlighted by numerous landmark assignments. Today, we have deeper insight and broader proven capability in this field than any other leading strategy consulting firm.

Our key differentiator is that we are able to bridge the gap between detailed operational or technical risks, and the strategic business decisions taken at Executive / Board level. Uniquely, we can provide in-house teams combining business and commercial acumen with specialist expertise and knowledge in areas such as safety critical systems, transport risk, safety culture and process safety.

We offer 6 types of services, across a wide range of industries and public sector organizations: 

Safety Development Programmes

We have a proven track record of working alongside our clients to develop and implement group level programmes for improving safety performance, and in doing so strengthen the performance of the business overall. 

We tailor these ‘Safety Development Programs’ to the specific challenges faced by the business, and pull together key elements including leader safety awareness and competence, program management, standards development, and the corporate dashboard, to drive a cultural change in safety leadership, safety management and performance. 

We typically work with the Chief Executive and/or Group Safety Director, pulling together new and existing elements into a packaged program that allows the single most important ingredient – leadership commitment – to be secured via competence development programs.

 We then develop frameworks against which progress against targets can be rigorously checked.  Our wide international client base means that we can draw from extensive good (and not so good) practices from around the world and from different sectors, to bring new insights to our clients. 

Our programmes deliver results because we strengthen the accountability that is held through the line management structure of the Group – not working simply as a bolt on to the safety team.  

An example is a reduction in safety related harm across a group of more than 50% over three years, together with significant financial savings

    Risk assessment and modelling

    We help high-hazard industries understand the nature of their risks and communicate the need for action to the Board.

    We address the full range of fully and semi-quantified risk assessment approaches to provide clients with a robust, defensible answer to precipitate action. 

    Our decades of experience include the delivery of many proven techniques such as Hazard and Operability Assessment (HAZOP), Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessment and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA).

     We take pride in delivering the results from such studies in a format that provides information to the Executive to support strategic decision making. 

    This is a world apart from the highly technical and over detailed output traditionally associated with such studies.  We provide clients with services such as:

    • Predictive risk modelling of hazardous events
    • Quantified risk assessment to support operators in responding to their regulatory framework – including Rail Common Safety Methods
    • Analysis and diagnosis of enterprise risks to support development of organisation strategy
    • Decision making support, including reference to established legal and best practice frameworks (ALARP, Common Safety Methods, etc

    Bespoke safety, risk and assurance training

    We have been delivering bespoke safety, risk and assurance training to high hazard industries internationally for over 20 years. 

    We have a substantial library of tried and tested course materials in a range of languages in the areas of process safety management, safety auditing, risk assessment and accident investigation, and have significant experience in linking the needs of risk management to strategic and business needs. 

    Our training helps organizations comply with the management competence requirements derived from both regulatory and other rapidly changing business needs.  

    We are distinguished from other training providers by our extensive industry experience in the areas in which we deliver training. 

    Our lead trainers typically have over 15 years of experience working in the industry sectors we serve, delivering a range of services that help our clients to operate safe, responsible and profitable businesses. 

    It is this experience and industry knowledge underpins our proven international track record of successful safety, risk and assurance training delivery.

      Pragmatic and effective risk and safety management

      Managing risk and safety in an effective and pragmatic way can be a significant challenge.  Some organizations have sophisticated approaches that gain little traction in the real world.  Others have basic approaches that work well early in the development of the company, but whose value diminishes as the risk profile plateaus. 

      Our tailored and unique leverages both functional risk expertise, with the cultural insights that are required to deliver effective results. Whatever the level of uncertainty, we can maximize returns from pragmatic and effective risk and safety management.

      Our expertise includes:

      • Corporate-wide review of risk management systems that include leadership; governance arrangements; and suitability of global company standards.  We work side-by-side with client stakeholders to develop the most appropriate risk management plans and reduce risk management costs.
      • Assessing the efficacy of of current risk management arrangements, using our comprehensive diagnostic tools to improve performance.
      • Cross-sector and international benchmarking of both arrangements and performance, to help secure investment and strengthen regulator confidence.
      • Assessing and developing safety culture including our bespoke ‘Unwritten Rules of the Game’.  Culture is critical – but organizations have a culture that is supportive of safety or not, not separate cultures for safety, quality, finance etc. We have robust, proven approaches for diagnosing and reporting on the cultural barriers and enablers to strengthened performance.  Our tools are far more effective than simple climate surveys alone, and discover the underlying causes of shortfalls which can then be systematically tackled to gain improvements.
      • Project risk management: we develop clear strategies to manage and mitigate project risk; assess intangible social risks during project feasibility studies and build trust with regulatory bodies and stakeholders.
      • Safety development programs; helping deliver cultural change in safety leadership, and prioritizing improvements in safety management resulting in improved performance

      Strengthening senior management competence

      We work with executives to build senior competence in safety leadership and strategic management.  Competence development is through a combination of tutor-led training, industry case studies and background reading.

      Examples include the Strategic Safety Management Programme that we have delivered to the UK rail industry for some 20 years. For a South American National Oil Company we trained 100 senior staff in safety assurance and for a global transport operator based in Asia we delivered safety governance/leadership training to 1,500 senior managers over a three-year period.

      Our programs are delivered by senior consulting staff with substantial international experience. 

      Central to all the programs is demonstration of the importance of safety as a key business issue; and developing the understanding that typical strategic approaches used by executives can be applied to solving safety, risk and assurance issues. Many clients ask for demonstration of successful competence development and we have a range of different assessment methods to achieve this.



        Assuring Safety Critical Systems

        We have been helping to assure safety critical systems for more than 20 years, developing much of the original techniques and methodology now used in such work. Our pragmatic approach ensures consideration of solutions that may differ from those typically found within industry.

        The expertise that we have developed is particularly valued by our clients, as well as the fact that we are able to bring experience from a range of sectors.

        Our expertise includes:

        • Independent safety assessment of computer based control systems, particularly in the transport domain.
        • Project risk assessment to help identify the technical, safety and commercial risks associated with the acquisition or deployment of a given technology. We conduct such assessment throughout the project lifecycle, from pre-tendering though development, deployment and disposal.
        • Technology migration strategies to help minimise whole project costs; minimise the risks of service disruption and to ensure that safety is maintained.